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  1. @zoomer Whoops! the cadmouse software gets pretty annoying sometimes retaking those pics for you. EDIT: Fixed wrong screenshots
  2. I'm just starting the process of moving over to windows from a lifetime on mac and can't seem to figure out how to set the mouse wheel not to zoom as far per individual click. E.G. when I'm at 100% zoom and I scroll to zoom in, the 1st jump is to 150%. When I zoom out from 100% the first jump is to 67%. Is there any way to make it so that I could jump to say, 125% or some smaller increment? It's really messing with my workflow having to c key zoom all the time... HARDWARE: - 2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced (4k model) w/ Windows10 - 3dconnexions cadmouse wireless SETTINGS in attached screen shots
  3. So in terms of working with what apple recommends, has anyone done a Vega64 vs Pro 7100 test on an MBP 15" touchbar yet? They're roughly the same price and the vega64 seems a lot stronger on paper but I don't know much about this stuff.
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