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Orso's wall styles (European)

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Here you find many wall styles useful for the European praxis.

A demo of each wall style shows its properties.

The walls styles are detailed. They are composed and classed such in a way, that they can be used at any scale, with a careful setting of

* classing: enable/disable/modify attributes of the component classes.

* the document preference "Hide wall components when layer scale is <= ..."

* the viewport Advance Settings option "Show wall components".

In the real usage, you should reference (new style) all hatches employed. These you can find as sharable resources in the TechBoard under Orso's hatches shared

You'll find following themes (all metric):

* Altbau 1897 (old buildings 1897): normed sizes from 1897 in the environment of Berlin

* Altbau (old buildings): frequent normed sizes from of beginning of the century in Germany, will fit in many other european countries.

* Beton (concrete): frequent sizes

* Cav (cavtities): these are cavities dedicated to refine certain situations where a styled wall with component won't succeed.

* GK (Gypsum walls): standards derived from Knauf. Here for example 2x/1x means two plates left, and one right.

* KS (sandbrick): labelled by bulk density

* K?che (kitchen): draws a kitchen-plate 90cm height. Is good for inserting other symbols (sink, oven) and have a simple schematic 3D.

* Transp (transparent): some transparent walls which we use as railing or shower element.

* WDVS (composite walls): standard composite walls for plaster finishing.

* Ytong (a brand of Autoclaved Aerated concrete): typical sizes from the firm.

Some suffixes are employed:

D = insulation cavity

P = Plaster cavity

GK = Gypsum

KS = sand-lime brick

RDK = bulk density

WDVS = composite wall with insulation outside (left side)

Brandwand = fireproof wall according to DIN 4102

Schallschutz = acustic insulation according to DIN 4109

Trennwand = separation wall between flats, with sufficient acustic and fire insulation according to the relative DINs.

Download: Orso's Wall Styles VW2008

Download: Orso's Wall Styles VW2010

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