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Over-ride textures (or turn off) in Top/Plan VPs?

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Working on site plans, dont want to see quite as much texture as in the individual floor plans. Two scenarios that're stumping me:


1) Simple site plan, the textures for Slabs show no matter what I do in over-rides, that's the dots on the sidewalk, tile and green. I'd rather not change rendering modes, but cannot figure out how to make these go away?



2) Context site plan, how can you over-ride the contours on a DTM? I dont want them to show in this one VP (but do in others)?


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I assume you have every component on its own Class and can overwrite Classes

individually for each Viewport individually (?)



the only case when this does not work is, when you are assigning new VW Building

Materials to components - which seem to overwrite or prevent from overwriting VP

Classes (?)

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Yes, there were already some in depth discussions here about the problems

of using the new Materials (VW 2021 ?).

but this is basically exceeding my pay grade as I am not really experienced with

serious generated 2D plans as I do not really need them, just doing generated

(simplified) plans and sections for checking my 3d geometry.

Rendered Elevations for customers at best, which would work with materials anyway.

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11 hours ago, Tom W. said:

With Materials you use Data Viz to override attributes. Very easy + convenient as commonly used overrides can be set up + saved + applied multiple times across multiple files.



Does that mean that there is no more reason to not use Building Materials ?

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There were people complaining that using Building Materials will

prevent them from the ability to overwrite their SLVPs Classes

and went back to assign everything by Classes only.

(Hatches, RW "Textures", .... )


E.g. to overwrite the Class to change the Hatch of a Wood object

in a Section, according to the rotation of the wood direction

(along wood direction vs perpendicular)


Which was blocked as RW Textures, Hatches and a few other things,

formarly controlled by Classes, are now part and controlled by the Material

Setting and Materials are set by Components and not by Classes ....

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I assumed that using Data Viz to override the attributes of objects which have Materials assigned to them has been available since Materials were introduced in VW2021.


I thought the main complaint was that Materials were only assignable to certain objects + couldn't be used across the board. I personally haven't found this to be a particular issue.




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