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v2022 release date?


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11 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

How excited should we get about the 3D profile of the window frames?



5 hours ago, Tobias Kern said:

Hi Matt,


The new 3D wrapping looks great.


… but whats with the calculation for those areas?


I mean 3D representation it one thing, but for a

more perfect BIM we need also the related data.


Can we calculate the wrapped areas separately

to the rest of the area with the same material on the wall side?


The wrapping is more complicate to build,

this results in higher costs.


For a perfect calculation we need separate data

for all wrapped surfaces:


area, both length (depth AND width), maybe volume, separated into inside and outside

and separate for horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Hope you guys can give us also, all formulas for such

detailed calculations.


It would be great if the wrappings (mostly for surfaces in holes in walls)

got its own formulas.  


Greetings and wish you a good start with VW 2022!



At this time, all I can comment on is what we see in the video.

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13 hours ago, Matt Panzer said:



At this time, all I can comment on is what we see in the video.

Which looks promising but could still go either way depending on details. 

If walls jump to 1-50 while slabs are still 1-200 that doesn’t get us any closer to cut and annotate 1-100s

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