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Duplicated contour line labels are a problem

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On 10/4/2023 at 7:59 PM, Frederic_Vbc said:

In the edit site model label position mode, if you click and drag you can select all the handles at the same time, then hit the delete key to start with a blank slate. Then just add the label where desired. I find this a lot less painful than having to click on every duplicate one by one.


Where is the 'edit site model label position mode' and how do you add the label where desired?

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Wow, thats great @Benson Shaw!  This was such a PITA issue...its such an important part of a clean plan....and that tool seems to get part of the way there to having a clean plan without having to do all the labels yourself.


I still think it needs a bit of attention to be able to place the numbers above the lines, but this is at least workable.

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On 7/28/2020 at 9:02 PM, Your Name Here said:

...and the problems continue to go unresolved.


On 4/23/2022 at 5:03 PM, Your Name Here said:

Should I start planning the 2 year anniversary of this problem still not being fixed?


Still happening, even in 2022 😞


On 9/30/2022 at 9:59 AM, Your Name Here said:

I'm guessing this issue will still happen in 2023....

Any news if this has been fixed?


On 10/21/2022 at 3:15 PM, Your Name Here said:

Just tested in 2023 with a variety of site models, still a problem.


Just tested in 2024

Same problem, different day/year 😞

Manual labeling is the only reliable method in Vectorworks.

viva la BIM?

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