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Publish Order is Reversed

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Have published my first project. Everything is great but the order of the pages in the pdf is reversed. Went back to look at my settings and noticed that if I select all the pages to publish and use the arrow to send them to the publish set, the order of the sheets is reversed in the publish set. Seems wrong to me. Of course I could select the sheets one by one but this seems to be incredibly inefficient. A bug or am I doing something wrong?

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It depends on how you select the files prior to adding them to the publish section. If you manually select the files one by one before moving them into the publish list they will be in the order of selection. Shift click selection may put the first clicked file at top and then the rest according to the list (e.g. when you first click the bottom file and then click on a file a few rows up the bottom file may end up at top and then the rest as it originally was).


I've seen similar behaviour in other programs, it could be a windows thing but can't tell for sure as I haven't used a Mac in a long time.

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I have 8 sheets which I can select.

Test 1 - Selected the sheets  1 to 8, clicking on the first sheet and the rest by shift-click. Publishing order comes in 8 to 1.

Test 2 - Selected sheets 8 to 1, clicking on the last sheet and the rest by shift-click. Publishing order comes in 8 to 1.

Test 3 - Selected all 8 sheets in a random order using ctr-click. Publishing order comes in 8 to 1.

Seems like a bug to me.

TKA's solution is an easy fix but the publishing order should come in correctly.

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This inconsistency is definitely buggy behaviour as far as I am concerned.


TKA's solution works well if your sheet naming corresponds with the order of publishing, unfortunately this is often not the case for my drawings so I have to select in order anyway or rearrange before publishing. Fortunately VW does remember the last used set and order of sheets for a drawing so at least there is some convenience in that when making updates to the same set of sheets.

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