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Formatting Worksheet Database Cells

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This might be one for @Nikolay Zhelyazkov but perhaps others have come across this also.


We have a DIY Issue Sheet for our projects that is based on the default VW worksheet.


What we would like to do is 'highlight' the sheets included in the current issue which at the beginning of the project is obviously all of the drawings, but after that the issues are more sporadic with some drawings issued here and some issued there.


This creates a formatting problem as it seems that database cells all have exactly the same formatting and cant each have their own 'highlighted' status. When I try to format one row to have a yellow background, they all have yellow backgrounds which defeats the aim of being able to quickly identify which drawings are being issued at the given point.


Has anyone come up with a workaround/knows how to do this properly?



Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 16.25.15.png




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Hello @_James,


This is more like worksheet question. I have tested this and was not able to set formatting for only one of the database subrows.

If nobody else knows of a way how to do this, you could fill in an enhancement request about it.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Thanks Nikolay - if you don't know i'm not sure anyone else will!


By enhancement request is that done through posting on the wishlist section of the forum or is there another way?

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The only work around I can think of for this would be to Copy/Paste from the database rows to worksheet rows and then you can highlight that row.

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What about in stead of highlighting you add a custom field to the sheet data record? Something like “current Issue”


This could be listed on n it’s own column in your worksheet and toggled to true or false directly from the worksheet too. 


Maybe even @Pat Stanford knows how to make the “true” cells highlight?


But even if not you would still have an identifier of current issue drawings.


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@_James You cannot format individual cells or rows in a  worksheet database. The formatting in the database always applies to the entire database column.

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If this worksheet is placed in your document somewhere, another workaround could be to add the yellow highlight as a rectangle (with reduced opacity) in front of your worksheet, or put it behind the worksheet and make sure the worksheet has no fill.


Of course this would be completely manual and have no connection to the data... but at the very least would allow you to 'highlight' individual cells.



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Hi all,


thanks for the suggestions. I think the best workaround is to make a simple yellow rectangle as @Andy Broomell suggested. With the worksheet cells set to unfilled this can be sent to the back so that the text sits on top and is clear.


The copy and paste is a good solution, but it's a slightly longer workaround. Bearing in mind that once the worksheet is set up and recalculated etc. I then copy and paste as a bitmap, and then duplicate and crop these to give the illusion of a worksheet that is more than one page of A4. So i'm trying to keep workaround's as short as possible! I know VW can spread worksheets across 'pages' - but the way in which it does it is quite cumbersome and doesn't seem to be able to be done retrospectively to suit an issue sheet that changes in length over the course of a project

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@_James Other solution might be to just create the Multiple Pages report from the Title Block Manager, which is identical to the database one but is not using database rows and could spread into multiple worksheets. The only problem there is that you will have to update the worksheets from the TBManager only.

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