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  1. I would like to add that as of VW2022, there is now a function that returns the class description of an object's class in a worksheet. =OBJECTDATA('class description') https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=Worksheet_Functions
  2. @Amanda McDermott Could you please email me a copy of your user log files ( the VW User Log.txt and VW User Log Sent.txt) ? htsafak@vectorworks.net
  3. @Ben3B We are not seeing the same issues with google drive folders. The error you are seeing is an indication that Vectorworks is not able to get write access to the file because another application has an exclusive lock on it. Not sure what Google Drive is doing to the file. How big is the Excel file you are using? Are you using the latest version of Google Drive for Desktop?
  4. @line-weight Yes, data visualization can switch object attributes from hatch to solid and vice versa. You would need to setup appropriate data visualization criteria depending on where your objects are getting their attributes from. Simple example: You have objects in Class A, B and C that are using attribute by class and you want to override the Fill using data visualization. Set the Object Criteria to find objects in class A, B, 😄 Class is A OR Class is B OR Class is C Set the Display Criteria to Objects using function Class. You'll see the list of classes. Set the fill for the classes you want to override to whatever color you like.
  5. The Graphic Legend tool is building the legend for objects and resources that exist in your drawing. There are no criteria for filtering objects based on resources or resource folders in the Resource Manager. You could submit a wishlist item on the Wishlist Forum and describe what you are trying to accomplish.
  6. One possibility is that the 3/4" you are seeing is a rounded display value and that the precise values are slightly different.
  7. Viewport Styles control visibility and attribute overrides for Classes and Layers. You can try to copy a viewport from one file to another to see how the class overrides work. That should give you an idea of how this would work for Viewport Styles.
  8. Edit the reference and you should see the option to auto update the reference at file open. This an option that can be controlled for each reference individually. Note that if you are referencing an image file and the option to save the referenced cache is unchecked, the reference image will always auto update at file open. You must enable "save referenced cache" to control the auto updating at file open. Hope it helps.
  9. Unfortunately, we are not able to replicate it with our test files. If you could provide a simple file that can be used to replicate the issue that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  10. @cberg Annotations should not vanish in the situation you described. It would be really helpful If you could send us a file where you are able to replicate this issue.
  11. Sorry. There was a typo in my previous message: It should read: Your annotations should NOT be deleted because you added a line to the Description title or because of other minor operations...... Does that make sense now?
  12. Your annotations should NOT be deleted because you added a line to the Description title or because of other minor operations. If you have a Legend that exhibits this behavior please report it as a bug and send the file to us for investigation. Annotations are deleted only when fundamentals changed are made to the Legend in such a way that the cells are no longer referencing the objects that were annotated.
  13. This is correct. As of now, Material is the only resource that can be listed in a worksheet database using the standard database methods. Support for other resources will be added in future releases. As @Pat Stanford pointed out, database by script is an alternative method for listing any list of objects in a database worksheet.
  14. Hello Tim, Are you using VW2022? The criteria interface was updated for VW2022 and addressed these issues.
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