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  1. Hugues

    Notes Manager VW2020

    Yes that is correct. What you are seeing is the new 2020 interface. If you are not using databases, you can just ignore everything above the Callout text control. These controls are disabled except for the first one, which still allow you to select a database in case you need it, without having to change your preferences.
  2. Hugues

    Notes Manager VW2020

    Could you please describe what is happening? When create a new callout, enter the callout text and click OK, the callout isn't created? When you edit this callout, enter a new callout text and click OK, the text doesn't change on the callout?
  3. Hugues

    Notes Manager VW2020

    @jnr Are you running Vectorworks Fundamentals? Are you on MacOS? Could you share a screenshot of the Callout dialog box or Edit Callout dialog box?
  4. Hugues

    Formatting Worksheet Database Cells

    @_James You cannot format individual cells or rows in a worksheet database. The formatting in the database always applies to the entire database column.
  5. Hugues

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    @lgoodkind Could you please clarify the problem? Are you saying that when a file with references is created on one platform, all of the references have to be re-referenced when the file is opened on the opposite platform? What version of Vectorworks are you using?
  6. Hugues

    Batch rename resources

    What do you typically do when you rename them? Add a prefix? a suffix? Anything else?
  7. Hugues

    Batch rename resources

    @tca Could you please describe with some examples the types of rename or search/replace operations you are doing?
  8. @Amorphous Improving worksheet recalculation speed is on our radar. Are you recalculating all worksheets in your file? or just a single worksheet? (Note that there are two 'recalculate' commands; one will update all worksheets in your file and the other will just update the active worksheet). Updating all worksheets in your file will be slower of course. The recalculation speed is proportional to the file size or the number of objects in the file. The nature of the data to be extracted from the objects also determines the performance. Do you have a typical file that demonstrates slow worksheet calculations? Please send it to me via private message. Because slowdowns can be caused by many different factors, it is very helpful to us to see many different examples.
  9. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies You can change the view settings of the image in the worksheet. Set the standard view to "Top" and the Component to "3D" or "2D Top (and Bottom) cut".
  10. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies The issues with your file have been identified. The missing images are caused by incorrect settings on the symbols. The problem will be fixed. Thanks,
  11. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies could you attach the original 2019 file?
  12. The behavior of the Assign Tags command is consistent with the behavior of other existing menu commands (Edit, Duplicate and Delete).
  13. If you are using VW2017, you can change the resolution of the images in the worksheet. The Image resolution setting can be found in the worksheet preferences dialog (can be accessed from the worksheet File menu). The default is 150DPI, you would want to increase it.
  14. Hugues

    Replacing symbol changes class

    Replacing the class is an option when you replace a symbol from the OIP. Make sure you have the "Replace class" checkbox unchecked in the "Choose a Symbol" dialog.


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