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  1. The link has been updated. Sorry about that.
  2. Here are a couple of improvements you would recognize from the Wish List forum: Class Creation Improvement This task streamlines the class creation process by allowing users to (1) quickly create new hierarchical classes without having to type the full class name or class prefix, (2) directly see the full name of a duplicated class in the hierarchical display mode. Display Symbol Name on OIP in Multi-Selection Mode This task keeps the name and unit information visible on the Object Information Palette when users select multiple instances of the same symbol definition. Duplicate Array Improvement This task updates the Linear Array and the Circular Array mode of the Duplicate Array command to include the ability to interactively designate a point using the Next Mouse Click option in all views. Video
  3. This article will be kept up to date with any details about the compatibility between Vectorworks and macOS 11 Big Sur:
  4. Are you running Vectorworks Fundamentals? The two way worksheet feature is not available for Vectorworks Fundamentals.
  5. @Christiaan Is Place As Keynote checked in the Working File? Note that it is a document preferences it could be set differently for each Working File. We are not able to reproduce the problem you are describing here. Please any additional information or steps to reproduce it would be helpful.
  6. Yes. If you have the correct database on the left side the "auto locate" option should automatically locate it when you select a note on the right side. I'm surprised you have to manually reconcile them. Is it possible that the in the "Cannot Locate Database" dialog, you relocated a database to the wrong one? In general, you shouldn't have received this dialog below, if the only difference was the location of the database and you had relocate it correctly. The reconciliation in this case, is generally automatic. Yes. It does matter. You do not want to use absolute paths unless that path is the same for everyone. With that being said, there may be a problem with relative paths when using project sharing. We are looking into it.
  7. Yes. These are two separate files. Vectorworks ships with two notes database files; one for Callouts "callout.txt" and another one for General Notes "general notes.txt" These are just sample databases provided as convenience and as a guideline. Most users will create their own databases. These default databases will be found in the default library application folder. You can identify them in the Notes Manager with the prefix [VW]. They are Read-Only files. If you use them and make changes, you own copy will be saved in your User Folder. You can identify them with the prefix [UsrLib]. Why separate databases for Callouts and General Notes? It is just a preference. They don't have to be separate. But having a separate database for general notes allows us to provide a good default database tuned for the General Notes tool. Yes, they can be merged. They are text files. If you open them in a text editor, you'll find that the structure of the database is pretty simple. You should be able to copy the data from one database to another. If the question was why are there separate notes with the [VW] and [UsrLib] prefixes, see answer to question 1 above. When you go to this user folder, see your own custom database. The one with the [UsrLib] prefix.
  8. Could you please elaborate? The note database is just a text or xml file. Its format is not specific to a VW version. You can use it in both 2019 and 2020 versions. If your database in saved in your user folder, just migrate it to your 2020 user folder. You can make your own choice here. You can have one or more databases. Some users have multiple databases and use different databases depending on the project.
  9. @cberg Where did you post that question? Could you point me to it? You should be able to save your notes manager database anywhere (in your user folder, workgroup folder or anywhere on your machine). You could save it in your dropbox folder or other cloud storage folder and share with others. But keep in mind that you could end up with conflicting files in dropbox if you are all making changes to the database simultaneously.
  10. Select the note and click "Edit..." From there you can edit the node or add it to a database.
  11. @Andrew Davies Did you know that the asterisk (*) wildcard can be used in worksheet criteria? You could use the following formula: =DATABASE(((PON='Title Block Border') & ('Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Category'='A*')))
  12. Yes that is correct. What you are seeing is the new 2020 interface. If you are not using databases, you can just ignore everything above the Callout text control. These controls are disabled except for the first one, which still allow you to select a database in case you need it, without having to change your preferences.
  13. Could you please describe what is happening? When create a new callout, enter the callout text and click OK, the callout isn't created? When you edit this callout, enter a new callout text and click OK, the text doesn't change on the callout?
  14. @jnr Are you running Vectorworks Fundamentals? Are you on MacOS? Could you share a screenshot of the Callout dialog box or Edit Callout dialog box?
  15. @_James You cannot format individual cells or rows in a worksheet database. The formatting in the database always applies to the entire database column.


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