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    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    @lgoodkind Could you please clarify the problem? Are you saying that when a file with references is created on one platform, all of the references have to be re-referenced when the file is opened on the opposite platform? What version of Vectorworks are you using?
  2. Hugues

    Batch rename resources

    What do you typically do when you rename them? Add a prefix? a suffix? Anything else?
  3. Hugues

    Batch rename resources

    @tca Could you please describe with some examples the types of rename or search/replace operations you are doing?
  4. @Amorphous Improving worksheet recalculation speed is on our radar. Are you recalculating all worksheets in your file? or just a single worksheet? (Note that there are two 'recalculate' commands; one will update all worksheets in your file and the other will just update the active worksheet). Updating all worksheets in your file will be slower of course. The recalculation speed is proportional to the file size or the number of objects in the file. The nature of the data to be extracted from the objects also determines the performance. Do you have a typical file that demonstrates slow worksheet calculations? Please send it to me via private message. Because slowdowns can be caused by many different factors, it is very helpful to us to see many different examples.
  5. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies You can change the view settings of the image in the worksheet. Set the standard view to "Top" and the Component to "3D" or "2D Top (and Bottom) cut".
  6. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies The issues with your file have been identified. The missing images are caused by incorrect settings on the symbols. The problem will be fixed. Thanks,
  7. Hugues

    Image Function in Worksheet

    @Andrew Davies could you attach the original 2019 file?
  8. The behavior of the Assign Tags command is consistent with the behavior of other existing menu commands (Edit, Duplicate and Delete).
  9. If you are using VW2017, you can change the resolution of the images in the worksheet. The Image resolution setting can be found in the worksheet preferences dialog (can be accessed from the worksheet File menu). The default is 150DPI, you would want to increase it.
  10. Hugues

    Replacing symbol changes class

    Replacing the class is an option when you replace a symbol from the OIP. Make sure you have the "Replace class" checkbox unchecked in the "Choose a Symbol" dialog.
  11. Hugues

    VW 2017 Libraries update problem

    It should go away after you hit update. Do you have many resource libraries in your User an/or Workgroup folder ? When the dialog pop-up again, if you hit update, does the progress dialog shows anything being updated at all ?
  12. Hugues

    Custom Symbols not showing preview - 2017

    Markvl, Open the files in your user libraries in VW2017 and re-save them. This will regenerate all the large previews. Once you have updated all files in your user libraries, run the Refresh Libraries command in the Resource Manager to see the changes; or restart Vectorworks and update your libraries catalog if you get the libraries out-of -date alert.
  13. Hugues

    HELP! Resource Browser SERIOUS problem VW2017

    Matt, High resolution previews have been added for all resources for VW2017. Your templates files have a lot of textures. They are slow because the high resolution previews for the textures are being regenerated for 2017. The Batch Conversion command converts your files but unfortunately it cannot regenerate resource previews. That's why even though you converted your files to the new format, the high-res previews still need to generated when the file is actually opened. This is a one time operation that should only occur the first time you open the file in 2017. Of course, you would need to save the file to keep the previews. The reason you see the slowdown every time you open the template is because your templates are never re-saved. You should open your templates and re-save them. Hugues
  14. Hugues

    HELP! Resource Browser SERIOUS problem VW2017

    It means that the catalog that drives the browsing experience in the resource manager is out of date and must be updated. Click 'Update' in this dialog. You wouldn't have to update again until the content libraries change.
  15. Hugues

    Cloud services performance

    Pete, saving a file mostly only involves writing data to disk. The size of the file to be written, the hard drive speed and the network speed (if saving on a network volume) will determine the speed of the operation. Incremental saving is a solution that could definitely improve saving as the amount of data to be written to disk could be significantly reduced. However, the Vectorworks file format doesn't support it yet. Updating source (referenced) files is a completely different process. It does not involve writing the file to disk at all. When updating a source file, data in the target file that references data from the source file must be updated. Updating these data can be fast or slow depending on the changes made in the source file. For example, if a Wall Style was modified in the source file, all walls in the target file that use this style have to be updated. The number walls and their complexity will determine the speed of the updating process. Just moving the data from the source to the target file is fast. It is reconciling that data within the target file and regenerating objects that is the expensive step. If you are experiencing unexpected slowdowns when updating references, please send us a copy of the files and we will be happy to take a look at it (Tech@vectorworks.net). Your files could help us detect a particular configuration or interaction that is not well enough optimized.
  16. Hugues

    Story Design Layers & Level Types

    A Default Story Level is a preset configuration that can be used to quickly set up and create levels when creating stories. A default story level is like a definition of a level and it must have a level type. You cannot create a default story level with no level type ( level). What would be the purpose of creating Default Story Levels with no level types ?
  17. The .lck file isn't there to prevent other users from opening the file. Its main purpose is to provide the file lock information (user, computer and time of lock). This enables VW to tell you who currently has the file open, where and since when. It is never used to determine whether another user can open the file. This determination is made by the File System based on the permissions set when the file is opened. The first user to open the file gets READ and WRITE access with READ-ONLY access for other subsequent opens. This is all handled by the File System. As for DropBox, it uses a push mechanism to keep your local file in synch with the file in the dropbox server. This means that everyone works on local files in their own local dropbox folders independently from each other. You are opening your own local file with full permission. Also note that this issue with dropbox and multiple user environments is common to other applications. This is the nature of the system. DropBox actually has a a mechanism in place that detects and handles potential conflicts during file synchronization when multiple users had the file opened at the same time.
  18. Hugues

    2015 Can't Open 2014 Network Files

    Check for special characters such as : / in the full file path not just the file name. Are you opening the file using drag&drop on the application icon or double-click in the Finder ? Could you try opening the file using the Vectorworks File Open menu ?
  19. Hugues

    Create Custom Arrowheads

    Click on the New button in the "Edit Marker List" dialog to create a new marker. You should be able to create any number of new markers of your own based on different root types. Is there any particular marker geometry that you haven't been able to create ? Hugues NV
  20. Hugues

    2013 feedback

    If the file is too large, compress it and feel free to use dropbox or www.yousendit.com Thanks, Hugues htsafak@vectorworks.net
  21. Hugues

    2013 feedback

    Hello Kimcz, We haven't experienced the same delays here. Please submit a bug report and attach the file(s) so we can investigate. http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit.php Thanks Hugues htsafak@vectorworks.net
  22. Hugues

    Lines, Line styles & Sketch Options

    Hi Brave, Could you please add some pictures showing the kind of lines and line styles you'll like to create ? Thanks
  23. Hugues


    Yes this is a bug. This is fixed in the upcoming release.
  24. Hugues

    Worksheet Edit Issues- VW 2009

    Jim, Looking at your worksheet, I see there are many floating cells (cells with text floating into adjacent cells). These types of cells have caused performance issues on the Mac. These issues were fixed in VW2010. Try to reduce the number of floating cells to a minimum. Hugues NNA


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