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I added this to an old thread and I thought I might need to re-up it here. 


How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option? I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option. 1984819218_ScreenShot2019-02-27at3_14_39PM.thumb.png.a4e88ef464e95aa3f8fd24903b5f632c.png


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.16.23 PM.png

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You can add comands to the right click options by editing your Workspace.

In the menu section there are to options for right click menu,

a) when you hover over an object (or having selected ?)

b) nothing selected in blank screen


I have totally customized (and even more re-ordered) both options

in my custom workspace ...

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Hey Zoomer,

I'm trying to add a command that is only available in the OIP when a Braceworks Truss object is selected. I've added custom menu commands, but this is an OIP command. See the top screen shot above. 

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Ah, sorry.

So if that Command isn't listed in Workspace Editor under "All Commands",

I do not know any way how to include that into the RMB option menu.


But perhaps @Pat Stanford has a script or an another idea for that.

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It appears that this should be a pretty easy thing to write a script for, but I don't have enough Braceworks experience to be able to figure it out.


If you can upload a file with a couple of simply truss systems so I can look at the record formats and see what the command actually does I will see if I can replicate in a right clickable format.

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Let me know what you come up with.  The trick here is to script the button push in the OIP.  Setting text and boolean values in the parameter fields is pretty straight forward for VS, but scripting the button push, the button being a non parameter widget, has got me stumped.  I'm sure Josh has an answer.

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Hi Sam,


I am looking at it the other way around. I am looking at the records and seeing if I can determine what the button does and then script that same action.


It appears that each part of the System stores the UUID of the parts it is attached to. So you should be able to walk the UUID and select things until you don't have any more unselected UUIDs.


But it may be more than this as I have only spent about 5 minutes looking at the record formats.


I am open to other suggestions.



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Good Luck with that.  I have found the UUIDs in the TrussItem record to be opaque.  Very interested in what you find out.

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