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  1. NYC and other locations are changing their stair requirements for temporary events. Currently there is no way, without ungrouping and breaking the plug-in) to add additional horizontal bars to a Self-Adjusting set of stairs using the Stage Steps Tool. The Railing prefs are greyed out. Could this be changed or is it best practice to continue to ungroup stairs and break the plug-in? Thanks!
  2. I'm wondering about this as well. I have a Mac Pro from 2013 with 3.5 Ghz 6-Core Xeon and 64 GB memory. I run VW2022 and have to render on it as well. Does it make sense to get a souped up laptop to replace it or do I wait for the M1 desktops to come out?
  3. I was trying to see if there was a way to do it in viewports, but that is a neat trick.
  4. I was mostly trying to save myself the time of choosing the different options I use with OpenGL much the same way that a Renderworks Style remembers your choices.
  5. Is it possible to use Open GL with Renderworks Styles? Thanks!
  6. Hi Rob, I spy in your Resource Manager Lumenpulse. Does that mean it is being added to the libraries? 😁
  7. Is the design summit still going to happen as scheduled? I ask as have have had several dozen jobs (gigs) cancel on us over the past few days. Thank you, Josh
  8. I've said this before and I'll say it again, VW should have an actual photometric grid tool that makes use of IES files. Think AGi32. https://lightinganalysts.com/software-products/agi32/overview/ Currently, there is no way to use VW to accurately tell you how much light is on a given object. In Architainment, this would be a killer feature.
  9. I think I've found the culprit. The file I"m working on started out as a VW2019 file and was then brought into VW2020. I"ll try it as a 2019 file and see if I keep getting the same results.
  10. When placing motors (or hoists) in VW2020, the X and Y values will not update to a given origin on a drawing. As an example, if you have 2 different hoist origins and you toggle back and forth between them, the motors will not change their X/Y values.
  11. I found some typos in the pop-up help for Braceworks.
  12. Could you please change the 2020 logo so it does not look the same as the 2019 logo? Just the colors. We keep the last couple of version of the software just in case there are stability issues. Thank you
  13. I'm working with a drawing of a convention center and the beams that all the rigging comers off of are not of a type listed in the structural member tool. They are 68DLH18. Is there a way to make beams like this using this tool?
  14. You could always make your one C-stand. What would be really killer is if there were a plugin that allowed you to spec a stand and tell it the height and arm length. Sort of like the genie lift tool.
  15. Does Braceworks know about grapples? Is there a way to get BW to understand what they are and how they work?
  16. I still get some white rendered results when I’m rendering viewports. I haven’t figured out why it is inconsistent.
  17. Hi @Pat Stanford Here is a file with a simple truss system. Please let me know how else I can help out. BW Test File.vwx
  18. Hey @Rob Books crazy question for you. What if I had a truss that had multiple connection points along it at different heights? Can braceworks do that?
  19. Hey Zoomer, I'm trying to add a command that is only available in the OIP when a Braceworks Truss object is selected. I've added custom menu commands, but this is an OIP command. See the top screen shot above.
  20. I added this to an old thread and I thought I might need to re-up it here. How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option? I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option.
  21. Adding a new question to this thread... How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option?I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option.
  22. Here you go and thanks! Offset Truss.vwx
  23. my insertion point is currently at the end of the truss near the T.
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