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Kevin McAllister

Library Content Generating Contest!


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4 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

I think we should have a library content generating contest sponsored by NV as a way to create some of content people are often wishing for (VW swag for prizes maybe?). I'm thinking it would be more for generic rather than manufacturer-specific content which NV is already working on. If everyone on here spent a little bit of time on an entry we could have a lot of content. I build props and theatre industry specific items items for my projects/3d models on a daily basis so I know these models don't have to take long to get something of a decent quality.


We'd need some model guidelines (eg. everything is modelled in the none class for example) and maybe a short list of objects people have wished for.


(We could also have a lot of modelling examples or tutorials of how they're made.... but that's another step....)



The prize could be a coffee cup in this years theme colour with VW logo and the words "Mad Props"



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interesting concept. The ease of access too is needed. Think SketchupWarehouse or BIMObject.com..

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Check out https://www.revitcity.com/downloads.php this was my go to resource when I was working at a Revit practice... all user submitted content and some really cool stuff and great community feel like this place - the autodesk forum is pretty hostile...

 Being in NZ, the Revit library is next to useless - there is some really cool stuff submitted by NZers at Revit city that really saved the day and time.. something like this for VW users would be awesome and would help with localised products or standard 2d details like cladding corners/junctions, spouting extrusion symbols - so much stuff.

I try to model something I use frequently once a month too improve my modelling skills, so I’d be keen to upload stuff and happily let others with better skills improve improve them if they felt like it.

An export to routine could be added to the resource manager - when you export a spiffy 3D/2d symbol to your local liberty file then upload it to the online resource.

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the saddle tee shown took a few hours to make...why? because the sight did not have pdf documentation for that size.

so I had to call,  then they emailed me drawings

keep in mind that I had to study other drawings to get the bell end modeled closely 


then I model 6 sizes that i use most...


this takes a lot of time...


then I asked why they do not provide 3d content...obvious...they don't want people messing with their stuff.

(but then why does McMaster-Carr have 3d content?)


It would seem that an office would be broken into 2 camps...assemblers and content makers 


I got an email from BimObjects and they want me to be a content creator and learn their stuff..has anyone done this?


If we are going to share content then should we not just all chip in and pay to have one of us be the BimObject guru because that system already exists?





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