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  1. yep... I know that can't happen now but the fabricators always asks for the complete fabrication (stainless steel & HDPE) model...Onshape/Solidworks But no AEC entity has ever really asked for the model of the site...I do get the value of a set of prints on site. The civil people have asked for a 3d model (AutoCAD Civil 3d) and have imported the model fine but they have no VGM nor 3d nav experience so they get this wire frame model that they cannot deal with...(I did a screen share with one of them)
  2. some time ago I had to make a few videos to show how a facility operated...maybe a walk-thru game?
  3. and now tinkering with UE4...model in background made in VW & imported in.
  4. maybe...but does not the mechanical cad world, at least some of it, work by sending models to the fabricator? They are always asking me for the final model. Of course, I never had that happen with architecture. My office has both mechanical and architectural running side by side...I'm seeing quite a difference in the two depts...
  5. @Benson Shaw...I get it...thanks...
  6. Wow! that exactly what I was think...Using UE5 to run simulations...How do these people find this work?
  7. Sorry, but I'm really just plain getting tired of all this... lags, delays, yearly upgrade anxiety, OS upgrades, Hardware upgrades...tired tired tired...
  8. I zoomed in on the Daily Mail Dec 5th 2000 article and read it...There are numerous facts that were presented as conformation of a conclusion (by experts) that was dead wrong. Thanks @twk as I like to study this type of stuff...
  9. This is interesting in of itself. So we have a fact that was true "two million Britons have logged off the internet". That was a fact. But the concept of the internet was not the problem. It was apparently some other issues which got straightened out over time and here we are. Please watch the video below. Note how the facts were real but some saw a failure and Shelby saw a winning hand. This is not just wishful thinking, as Shelby proved by winning the LeMans race at a later time... I'm trying to figure out what this is called...As I notice it a lot in many things, All have the same facts but not all see the same thing... Some conclusions based on facts can be dead wrong. Interesting stuff.
  10. again, not asking for any of this Terrain Physics in real time stuff, Just looking for my cad tools, sheets etc to be in real time. No lags, spinning balls, etc
  11. That is the point exactly...I want everything to be in real time...the VGM is nearly that right now...but step into sheets and wham! everything slows down with hidden line rendering. AND if Unreal Engine 5 can model a city and move in real time then all I want is my singular project sheets to move in real time. no mater what the vp render setting...I do not mind an update button, but when I push it I want the sheet updated fast. When i move a section line I want no delays. When I swap out a symbol I want no delays. It seems like when i click on advanced tools they have a delay as if the software is running to the back of the store to get the tool. Also if i have a project that is set way off origin (to match civil's northing and eastings) the openGL has failed by disappearing when i get close
  12. Ok, so could someone tell me again why I'm using CAD? (VW, Revit etc?) And sheets? render, render, slow, slow, lag, lag...
  13. So because of this September to December 31st "upgrade anxiety" season...I have been moving as much of my work as I can to Onshape...Keeping VW only for assembling the site & syncing with civil...Granted, I'm not doing any architecture (doors, windows. wall tool, etc) Not sure what I would do if I was working on a building.
  14. I'm seriously paralyzed with fear of upgrading my OS or VW...this is no longer a sustainable paradigm.
  15. It seems that no matter how fast the hardware is nor how nifty the program is...the user can easily max it out. 3d modeling allows for assemblies and sub assemblies to be put together to make larger assemblies...this causes your final assembly to choke the system. trying to fit an assembly to a separate Northing & Easting (N&E) file to verify with civil...ref vps are taking 15min to update for each one and I have 6 placed in N&E space. surprisingly, the VGM does not choke...there seems to be two things in vw that I cannot seem to "break"...these are the VGM and the grid line tool...very well done now I could make a simplified dummy model that I switch on and off but that defeats the purpose of a singe source of truth. and just so you all know...I choked Onshape too in the making of my big assembly sheets...the zoom and pan have a ~15sec delay for my full assemblies...although tech support knows of it and is working on a fix in the next few weeks...we will see... So even if there was this ultimate cloud cad for architectural, what would happen if someone decides to place all the fasteners in a building for some strange reason? They could unwittingly choke up the whole thing... I still think we need to have a cEarth so everyone can export key items to (foundations, utilities etc) in the cloud then all parties have an proper ref to the earth vs import/export to each other...instead, we just keep updating our model that we place in cEarth in the cloud & then all parties can see it. civil with its Autocad civil 3d cannot handle my models...which are based on fabrication drawings make in Onshape then exported to VW then place in the proper N&E...
  16. do all all your pipe modeling in Onshape...then export the final assembly (parasolids) into VW which holds the entire site/building. this allows you to collaborate with civil by way of VW and be able to produce fabrication drawings directly from Onshape...along with integrated BOMs
  17. I feel bad, its like I'm giving you my old flip phone while I get an new smartphone...
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