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  1. Site stuff like this needs to be done in a program that can work with Northings & Eastings, UTM, Civil Stuff. VW does a great job with this. Model the mh fab drawings in Onshape...then import into VW and place in the correct xyz The problem is, while the civil 3d people can import this model from vw...they cannot really deal with it...it seems that most of the 3d work they do is lines that are 3d which say "the end of this line (representing a pipe) is at invert XXX.Xft" so they are not use to dealign with actual 3d models...
  2. a parking garage, oil rig platform
  3. 23-13 23 00 Strut Channel.vwx 23-23 25 00 Scaffolding.vwx
  4. it was just someone else showing me what could be done vs my blind assumption.
  5. Onshape has no interest in moving into architecture and has stated so.
  6. just in case..if anyone thinks I'm abandoning vw for a full on mechanical approach I'm not...not by a long shot.
  7. have fun guys... 13-23 19 27 Electrical Rooms.vwx
  8. There is this company I started to do work for...they are 99% mechanical so I recommended Onshape. They were going down the Solidworks route. They have me around because they want some buildings etc. and as I have said before "mechanical cad is terrible for buildings..." Then one particular msTeams meeting there cad guy showed the following image (see below) Apparently I do not know what I'm talking about. I am now rethinking my office paradigm... My vw dept has now been reduced by 50% and I'm now pushing as much as I can into the mechanical cad side of my office. DTM site stuff, Northing & Easting w/ elevations & Existing conditions 2d stuff, still has a strong foot hold in VW. See those doors in the image? They are parametric. Not parametric like we are typically use to (OIP). But truly parametric stuff that you set up yourself to do exactly what you want...no need to wait for someone at vw to fix/imporve something for next years version...
  9. A sample of a sub-system...something like this will now be done in mechanical cad. Using VW for collecting and placing these systems on a site & working with civil for Northings & Eastings. The shortcomings of mechanical cad are they don't work with the ground plane concept nor should they. If someone developed a way to import mechanical cad models into a good 3d civil cad. Auto CAD civil 3d doesn't count its terrible VW VGM is the gold standard of what 3d should look like. (Onshape models import well) Then you could say good by to Revit, BIM360, Archicad, etc At this point I think I could do a bridge, sky scraper & definitely a house foundation, in mechanical cad.
  10. So "sub-systems" are being compiled in Onshape along with the BOMs and then those assemblies are exported into VW for placement on the site or building.
  11. 23-39 29 11 Waste Water Drains.vwx
  12. Moving all this type of stuff over to the mechanical dept (Onshape)... 23-27 69 00 Antivibration Mountings.vwx
  13. Let's say that we are all working on separate buildings for a large campus. There comes a point where we need to load all our models into something for the grand layout. If this grand layout place was a cloud based cad system then you all could still work in your specific cad but then just reference in your models. Foundations and first floors for starters. Like Referenced View Ports. These RefVPs would be then be moved into position according to the State Plane or UTM. Then the Civil people can then go around an work out all the surface items that are between the buildings (see image) So I guess the first AEC cloud cad system would be Civil first. DTM, Concrete, Foundations, Drainage etc.
  14. it all depends on how much detail you want to harvest from 3d model. Stairs Wood.vwx
  15. coming from a window washing/maintenance background...I aways ask myself "how am I going to wash those windows or fix that?" Sorry...
  16. there is no "upgrade anxiety" with Onshape. No hardware upgrade issues...any computer that can run a browser is ok. Still have not upgraded to vw 2022 yet. I just don't want to deal with it.
  17. this is the program from making automated systems
  18. i think there is another thread on this topic by @Christiaan. I have similar questions. what i want to do is get back to my Mac mini way of working...which was to plan on upgrading ever 2 years to a new mac mini but not have to keep replacing my monitors (that is why i never did the iMac route) so with that 2 year approach i just needed to keep myself happy for 2 years...then get new.. this way i'm not stressing about upgradeability. it seems like this new computer will allow me to get back to my 2 year program.
  19. another example...all I have to do is change the OD and wall thickness and the rest of the dims update by formula. Mechanical CAD is another world...but I would not want to do any architecture with it.
  20. Onshape has a free version so you could just use that...the only problem is that all your work is public. no one can mess with it but everyone can see it.
  21. then i take all this piping and place in VW with the proper Northing and Easting then sync with the Civil people...who (currently) can not really deal with 3d product. but now I have site model w/ drawings (VW) and fabrication model w/ drawings (OnShape) its the best of both worlds.
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