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  1. do all all your pipe modeling in Onshape...then export the final assembly (parasolids) into VW which holds the entire site/building. this allows you to collaborate with civil by way of VW and be able to produce fabrication drawings directly from Onshape...along with integrated BOMs
  2. I feel bad, its like I'm giving you my old flip phone while I get an new smartphone...
  3. 23-27 39 00 Pipe SDR35 Hardcore.vwx
  4. I'm moving all my pipe work over to Onshape...
  5. so there you go...some pipe...now because this is not a cloud based system you now have uncontrolled copies...
  6. 23-27 39 00 Pipe SDR35 Multi Fittings.vwx
  7. and just to be fair...this a not a vw thing but any current architectural, civil cad will have these problems..
  8. below is not a theory...I'm living it..
  9. all 2d objects in Onshape (& solid works) "live" in what is called a "sketch plane" so to make the plumb bob line I would need to make a sketch plane then draw on that to make a vertical line. so any of the guide lines you see above need to live in a sketch plane. so you cannot really have 2d lines floating around in the actual 3d model.. the reason for this is Mechanical cad can go from actual model to fabrication (think cad/cam) so they do not want to have all this debris floating around in the 3d universe..
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