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  1. Im currently having a problem with a site model. Every time I touch it, VW locks up while it "creating visual site model" Takes over 5 minutes...AHHHH Kills my work flow. There is obviously a problem with my site model, it has many modifiers, and over 14,000 m2 so may be a bit much for my off the shelf MacBook pro. Please add to the wish list a cancel or end current process program. Many years ago when using DataCad this was something I used often. The ESC key would escape you from the current tool, or END would stop any unnecessary rendering, or major process that was demanding a lot of the CPU. Sometimes you really just want to stop it with one click. Apologies for ranting, Just thought I'd put it out there and see if this is possible. (While waiting again for 'creating Visual Site Model') It seems that usually the answer is to just go and upgrade you computer, again... Kind Regards. Chappy
  2. YES please, That would be awesome. it was there for a little while, I cant quite recall when. I think 2019 first release, but disappeared with a Service pack perhaps.
  3. Hi, My plans are generally in Millimeters. But we always show contours in Meters in NZ. So for years ive been changing the units to M then updating the site model, and changing back to MM but you have to do this every time before you print if you update the site model. There was a Contour Units drop down menu in the Object pallet for a little while. Might have disappeared when I did an update??
  4. Where has the option to select the display units on the site model contour label gone? It was a fantastic addition for a while, but I cant seem to find it anymore. Is it buried in the settings somewhere? The work around of changing the document units to Meters updating the model and Never updating again is clumsy. Design Chaps Ltd Warkworth NZ VW 2019 SP5.2
  5. Hi, has anyone found any 3d models of plastic water tanks? NZ suppliers ideal, but any that are similar would be a help.
  6. I did get it to work in a simple roof with 4 walls associated to the roof, but my roof seems to complex. seems the roof needs walls associated.
  7. does this awesome feature still work in 2018? for some reason I cant get any symbol at all to insert into the roof.
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