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sketchup v vw for 3d modelling

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8 hours ago, Tom W. said:

VW has Guides. Draw a line then go to Modify>Guides>Create Guide. In the same menu they can then be hidden or deleted. They automatically go on their own 'Guides' class. Any object can be converted into a Guide not just lines. Once a guide the geometry is locked + displays with a feint purple line.

Just keep in mind “guides” and their related commands are not real special objects, it’s just a series of automations for class and object control.  Rename the “guides” class and it all breaks.  Create an object like a Dimension or Grid Line, use the “make guide” command, and note that the only thing that happens is these objects are placed on the “guide” class and are locked.  This is something that seems to trip up a lot of people because Guides are presented as Objects like a Door or Grid Line, but in reality they are not.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Going back to the original question about integration into Vectorworks I would say why model in another program - especially Sketch Up (SU)?

SU is a surface based modeller as opposed to Vectorworks solid based modelling. I'm not sure how you can calculate volumes and densities in SU but you can in Vectorworks.


Most importantly there is a complete disconnect between the SU model and Vectorworks. I still see users with historically old fashioned workflows of modelling 3D in SU and doing 2D documentation in Vectorworks. How then, when the 3D design evolves can it flow through to the documentation? It can't.


The ability to import SU models into Vectorworks for objects to populate a drawing is great. However working a concept design and evolving that in SU and then bringing into Vectorworks is an inefficient workflow - that disconnection.  Ultimately you're increasing your workload and not being efficient which after all is what it's all about.





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On 12/6/2017 at 9:03 AM, Phil hunt said:

... and if any of the SU 3d modelling tools you would like to see on the 3d modelling pallette in VectorWorks.


Only thing holding us back drawing our concept 3d's in VW instead of SU is the fact that it is not possible to give a single face of a model an unique texture/material. Using the bucket tool in SU is very quick compared to VW where we need to 'extract' the face first before being able to give it a different material. I see "Texturing Workflow Improvements" on the roadmap so I hope this workflow will be improved.

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