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Class filtering



It would be relay useful to have the capability to filter for a class name when creating a new class by importing from a class library file.

At present when importing from a class library file you have to scroll through many lines of classes to try and find a class name the best fits your needs especially when using Uniclass which can contain many lines of classes.


It would be easer and more efficient to be able to enter part of a word to match.
e.g, filtering by "stair" would filter out only classes containing stair within the class names thus shortening the list to chose from and making it easier for the user to select the correct class.


It would also be useful to be able to filter the classes within the navigation palette to be able to locate classes containing a search pattern a lot quicker than manually having to search through long lists of classes as you have to do at present.

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It's nothing new, other software packages like Microstation has had this facility since v8, AutoCAD Layer filter is much better as you can save filters for future use.

I Myself and others I have seen in many webinars and demos spend a lot of time searching for a specific class (or layer) to manipulate (turn on/off or use for the placement of graphical elements) which gets frustrating as the days goes on; where having a filter capability would speed up there workflow and assist in choosing the correct class/layer to place graphical information upon thus improving efficiency.


The Uniclass 2015 tables located on the NBS site has a filter for just this reason as there are lots of tables and many codes to select from, searching manually would make it unusable, with the filter the user is presented with all codes that match there filter e.g., "column" would list only codes that contain the word "column", if you were to expand on this to "column steel" the list is then shortened to find only codes containing the words "column" and "steel".


Unfortunately Uniclass codes are only likely to grow in number (as with other codes), having the capability to filter is essential.

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On 7/27/2018 at 8:10 PM, bcd said:

Class & Layer filters are becoming ever more necessary as Class Lists & Layer Lists get longer & longer in more & more complex drawings.

Agreed, but what happened to the Products Uniclass list? It seems to be omitted in VW2018

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