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Symbol Insert as Group not blue in Resource Mgr

Benson Shaw


I'm creating symbols and choosing the Insert as Group option. Text displaying symbol name in Resource Manager is black. Older symbol from Favorites inserts as group (expected).  Text is black for that one, too. Shouldn't these have blue text in the Resource Manager?  Even the tip box at bottom of Create Symbol dialog indicates that the Insert as Group option causes the blue theme in Resource Manager list.


These symbols do appear in the blue theme if accessed from the list via Symbol Insertion Tool pref >Select a Symbol Definition.

These symbols do have a tiny blue marker in the Replace Symbol list, but not blue name text or thumbnail border.

But icons and text is black in the Resource Manager.


v2017 example attached.

In the file, open the Resource Manager, note the symbol named "Symbol as Group - Test". No blue.

Place an instance on the drawing by dragging from the Resource Manager list. It manifests as a group, as expected.

Enable the Place Symbol tool and click the Select a Symbol Definition button to open the symbol list (similar to the Resource Manager). The symbol displays with blue theme.





Create Symbol Dialog.png

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Downloaded your file. Mine are blue as you would expect


I wondered if it may have had something to do with the fact that the geometry was in the 3D portion of the symbol so I added a circle to the 2D portion. When I inserted the symbol I expected to see 3 shapes, but the symbol only inserted the 2D portion (I was in Top/Plan). In a 3D view it inserts the 3D portion. I had forgotten that it did that......

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 08.18.25.png

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