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Arc dimension arrows



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1 hour ago, DavidT said:

I'm adding dimensions to a complicated drawing with curves. I'm using the arc dimension tool but the arrows are so big and I don't know how to change their size or appearance. Can you help me?




Hi David,


Line markers like arrows relate to real world page size. If you are dimensioning in the Design Layers, the arrows will get bigger as your layer scale gets smaller. You can right click anywhere in the drawing area and choose "Active Layer Scale" to see the scale of your current layer.


To physically change the size of a line marker for a dimension, you will need to create a custom dimension style as mentioned above. This is done under File>Document Settings>Document Preferences>Dimensions where you would click on the Custom button.


If you include a screen shot or cut/paste an example into a file and post it we may be able to help you further.





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Suggstion to VW.  This process is extremely tedious.  I am drawing small things in one dwg and large things in another (engineering).  I suggest adding a section in the Obj Info pallette to allow changing the arrow size immediately for each object.  I might want to change them 3 times in one dwg.


BTW, changing the line arrow size in Attributes won’t work (it disappears for dimns), and it won’t work for going to Organization/Classes/Markers.

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