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Touch Bar


I have the new MacBook Pro, with the touch bar and I'd like to see a feature that allows you to embrace and customize the touch bar to have tool short cuts appear on the touch bar. 

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12 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Curious 13 or 15 and how do you find Vectorworks handling?


I have the 15" version and have been working for a few days with it now. VW works really well. It eats battery life though and I am getting about 3.5 hours use out of a full charge.


I guess touch bar support will come next year. Cycling through tool options and context menu commands seem to be the most obvious uses of it for now, but slider controls for some dialogue boxes would be good and I can think of a few uses for lighting and the Visualisation palette which could involve sliders for intensity and some touch functionality for light selections using colour etc...

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What would be most desirable in the Touch Bar for Vectorworks, do you think?

I had a few thoughts:

1) Show the Mode Bar for whatever tool was currently selected.

2) Custom shortcut list to various user-selected tools.

3) Slider bar input when an appropriate dialog box was active (Solar Animation, Set Opacity, etc)

4) Button to summon color picker UI for Pen and Fill color selection


It has a lot of context-sensitive capability built into it, it knows what dialogs are open for instance (It can't tell which palette you have in mind however, since theyre always all onscreen) and can offer custom UI elements depending on what you're looking at. Feedback would be most appreciated.

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I'll add that it could show suitable tools according to your Selection.

(Similar to RMB Option Menu)


After you then did your Tool Selection, it could show the UIOP Options

(Or Axis Constraints, or Extra stuff that could be useful but is NOT available by UIOP keys (?))


Custom Shortcut List is never bad because everyone has its own specific list of tools that

you all day need but may be hard to reach from VW UI.

So like things I would macro into my Enterprise like "Convert to Generic Solid" and those things.

So as an Option, to do your own alternative Tool Box isn't bad anyway.


In Case of a Slider useful or needed (rare?) why not provide one on the Touch Bar.

(Could be Shortcut+Scrollwheel too, for the "Bar"-less people.

But please not without the need of an additional key like in C4D where you loose your values

unwanted when trying to scroll through your lists)

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Object context sensitive stuff so for Spotlight users when selection an Instrument it would display say:


  1. Turn on/off
  2. Assign Focus Point
  3. Assign Gobo
  4. Add accessory (one of the most useful scripts in the Autopilot plug-in (bit cheeky!)
  5. Locate Symbol in Resource Manager
  6. Locate Label Legend.....

Lighting Positions (all the OIP buttons)


  1. Auto Number
  2. Insert position Summary
  3. Classes
  4. Edit position Geometry

All these of course could be chosen from a range of user customisable commands 


I'll post some more ideas if I think of them.....



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If you use an app called BetterTouchTool, you can build your own custom buttons with colors, icons, and text to put in the touch bar on a per-application basis.  I've had my No-Port MacBook Pro for only a few days, and it was the first app I downloaded.  And VW was the first one I put buttons on.  I haven't yet really put it through a real test, but it did work.  I'm sure touch bar support will come, but it'll likely be a year or two.

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