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Edit Symbol with open sheet layer

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Has anyone ever tried this: ( VW 2017 )

- open a sheet layher

- go to resource manager

- right click on a symbol, edit 3D component


=> move 3D and other 3D operations do not work as long as the "underlaying" layer is not a design layer.

I'm not shure, but I think previevious versions did not have this behaviour. Opening a symbol in 3D edit mode should work in 3D edit mode, independant on what type of layer was previously opened. Bug or feature... ?

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It basically doesn't function at all well.  Nothing much to add here other than you are not the only one to find the issue one of those odd bits of functionality that don't really work. Best avoid. It's a pity though as I can't believe it is that hard to sort out. I guess it's all about priorities for VW

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