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Luis M Ruiz

Alpha Channel in v2017

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Hello rendering addicts. Creating renderings with a void background maybe something graphic designer may take for granted but this new import and export feature opened the door to a vast array of possibilities.

Here is a sample I wanted to share. The front is a static rendering image of our Hive project, exported as a .png with alpha channel, then sent to a video editing software, added a motion background, some sound effect and I finished with a smile.

I am curious to see what else we can come up with to improve our daily presentations.



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Would be cool to see a video tutorial on this. What is a static rendering? Curious how you got the reflectivity to show on the exported png? 

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I would love a materials channel basically if you chose a class with a colour you can turn of the layer of the main render if the render is saved as a psd

this allows to pick the colour with a dropper selection 

to make an example if I have an interior renders with glass I can pick the colour past an image and easily invert to show an external image on the glass to give the impression You are looking through the window to an external landscape or similar


forgot to say my render engine is Artlantis 

really hard to explain but the alpha Chanel has allowed my to drop backgrounds into vectorworks like skys or a street scene a great addition to vw17

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Good morning Luis,


This is exactly what I need to know how to do.  Is there an easy to find step by step as to how to export a png with alpha, PLEASE..  I'm still very new to VWX, my learning curve is slow because of existing work load.  This is one of the barriers I have to be able to switch to VWX fully.


Thank you in advance for your time.

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Please disregard.  I make everything too complicated.  Very intuitive.  EASY!  Thank you VWX

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