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  1. Please disregard. I make everything too complicated. Very intuitive. EASY! Thank you VWX
  2. Good morning Luis, This is exactly what I need to know how to do. Is there an easy to find step by step as to how to export a png with alpha, PLEASE.. I'm still very new to VWX, my learning curve is slow because of existing work load. This is one of the barriers I have to be able to switch to VWX fully. Thank you in advance for your time.
  3. Thank you! Seems I'm not the only person to have to work through this.
  4. I'm a new VWX user. Is this possible in VWX and if so how? I need to produce stamped sheet metal vents.
  5. ereed2

    New to VW

    Thank you Jim. I am grateful for your time.
  6. ereed2

    New to VW

    Good morning to all. Being able to render with a transparent background is critical to what I do. I've not figured out how to accomplish this in VW 2019. I just upgraded to 2019 after sitting on the app since 2017 ver. Has this problem been resolved? Can anyone tell me how to render with a transparent background? Thank you, Edward (VW Newbie)


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