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  1. Are you still looking for assistance?
  2. Do you need Spotlight to gain access to these?
  3. Hello! I'm looking to explore other opportunities inside this world of Vectorworks and Apple ecosystem. I worked at a telecom only engineering firm for 16 years and I'm looking for a change. I really enjoy using Vectorworks and want to keep crafting that skill set, just in a somewhat different industry. I want to expand my horizon. The last few years at my firm I created 2 entirely new revenue streams offering terrain modeling and 3D rendering. It was satisfying to develop something that contributed the bottom line. I created that skill set in my personal time so that when the opportunity came up we could the way! In addition was responsible for training people in Vectorworks and Mac OS ecosystems. I can provide many testimonials available upon request. Please feel free to reach out if you think I can help support your business in any way. I'd love to have a conversation with anyone on this forum. It's been so helpful to me over the course of my career!
  4. Hi there. I'm sorry I did not see this message until now. I can assist with all those things. I'm based in the eastern time zone. We can work out the time slots details if you are still interested.
  5. No worries Matt. It was totally random and I have a pretty simple work around that seems get it done, which is hasn't re-occurred since. It seems to be a totally random interpretation of a photo or 2. I always appreciate the quick response and effort! I hope the demand for the feature stays strong. It was a great tool for me at the last job and continues to be one here. I dont know what I would do without it!!
  6. Hi Matt! Hope you are doing well. I was posting under the HEengineering, but I'm no longer with them. So I may post more under this handle going forward. I'm also now on Widows(deep sigh). I was able to find a work around (again) in that I imported the image I was using into the photos app and then resaved/re exported. Then once re-imported it got the orientation correct. I tried a few other photos and they all behaved the same prior to re exporting. Let me know if you have any questions. File attached. Photo orientation bug.vwx
  7. @Matt PanzerWas this ever resolved. I'm experiencing this on 2021?
  8. I have successfully downloaded 2021 with no issue from the Customer Portal. I have tried numerous times to do the same with 2022. Every time I try to install 2022 it says "extraction failed." Trying to install on a Windows 10 machine. For context I was also able to install 2020 tho it was not rendering files properly. So I updated to 2021 which solved that issue. I might as well get the latest version at this pt though. So Id really like to get Version 2022 installed as well.
  9. So after a few attempts 2021 seems to work. However I would like to get up to date. Not sure why the 2022 installer is giving me an issue.
  10. Im using 2020 sp6. I attempted to download and install 2022 twice from the account portal and ea time it says extraction failed when attempting to install. Common VW Im on the clock and I need a solution! Im currently now attempting to get 2021 installed. Lots of lost time here.
  11. I know it works on the Mac. How do I solve the problem on the Widows machine? I'm required to work on Windows at this pt in time whether I like it or not.
  12. I have a render style Ive been using for years. I recently switched to Windows 10 from a Mac. Im now opening files I created on a Mac in Windows 10 with no issue the function and open fine. However, doesnt matter what file, all my geometry disappears when I chose THAT render style. If I go back to open GL that seems to render fine. What gives? Im Stumped on this one. Ive been using VW for over 16 years and have rendered hundreds images using Camera match. @ Matt Panzer, maybe you have some ideas? I could really help getting past this hurdle. Im not sure what else to try.
  13. To be clear when I say the geometry disappears, I mean It disappears in the viewport only. Its still in model space un effected. Something strange going on with the VP or the render style.
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