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  1. Have you tried the Logitech control center for mouse adjustments?
  2. To those who may be interested in learning a particular aspects of the program. I have over 16 years of experience with Vectorworks software. I've used to software to provide clients a variety of services. I can help beginners find their way. I might even be able to help a more seasoned user with a fresh perspective. There a few areas that I specialize in like Camera Match and terrain model imports and grading plans. Along with some addition areas like rendering basics. Vectorworks is a complex program and their are many ways to achieve and end result! If you have any topic you are interested in discussing I'm interesting in hearing it! This forum is a great source for information and many here have helped me develop this skill set. if you are looking to further your skill in a specific area please reach out with a dm or post here, I'd be happy to discuss further.
  3. I have 16 years of experience with the program. Feel free to reach out with a direct message.
  4. I feel like this is an issue Ive solved before but having a tuff time recalling how. I want to draw a 3d Polyline In multple axis on one action. Click draw in Z axis than Y axis and x axis all in the same action without switching views. I would need to do this in an iso view obviously but everything seems to stick to only one plane? Im trying to create a path for cabling that runs in all 3 axis.
  5. Hi Kevin I sent you a DM. Prefer not to show the work in the forum If possible. I basically traced the shape as a poly in plan and then extruded it.
  6. What if you need to texture the item??
  7. Converting to nurbs would probably work if it didnt blow it up into 4 pcs. I just needto be able to pull a few nodes around?
  8. Im trying to draw a sandal and it needs to have the contours in the sole. Any suggestions on how to do this? Ive extruded just the shape of the shoe. But of course its very flat and shows no depressions or taper on the sides. Subdivision could work but not sure its the best method. Ive been trying to subtracy large spheres out of the top of the “sandal” but this is oddly kinda challenging. Nubs breaks the shoe into 4 sides and surfaces
  9. Regarding the bent plate I had to resort to your exact reccomendation. Yes that is the cabinet w vents. It was modeled as a full extrusion. Then the vent slots were subtracted.
  10. I was more so referring to seeing it the resource browser data section. So one could confirm they have all the info needed to know which “part” they have selected. Of course you can name a symbol, but need something with more detail you can see right on the fly when drafting. It could sit in the same spot as record data. Would be great if you could just upload a pdf attached to a symbol or component
  11. Hi Don. Sent a PM. Would love to hear more!
  12. Looks like Auto CAD 2013? While I dont see the indicators you mentioned I do see the txt AutoCad 2013 in the first line toward the end.
  13. Ive been having this issue since 2016. Now in 2018 SP4 the latest version Im still having this issue.
  14. Im running the latest version of VW 2018 SP4 so if it doesnt work with the latest version looks like a dead end.
  15. Ive been having this issue with DWG drawings since 16. Whats the deal? I have a lot of dwg's I cannot open, costing me valuable time. What is causing this?
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