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how would I create a sloped roof


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Hello all, 

I am currently working on a house and have come across a problem that I can't solve. 

I am looking to create a sloped roof that sits flush to the story below. I Have managed to create the slope however the problem is the corners of the roof stick out and are not flush (pictures 1 & 2 below).

I am aiming to achieve a result like this (illustrations 3 & 4 below).

I achieved the result I have at the moment by;

- lofting between 2 poly lines

- create a cut-out of the roof

- subtracting solids 

Any help would be much appreciated







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In my opinion the easiest way to do this is: 1) Go to a side view and draw the 2d shape that defines the curved rafter (beam?); 2) Use Push/Pull to extend (extrude) the shape so that it goes from eave to eave; 3) go to Top/Plan View and draw the shapes that need to be cut out; 4) Extrude those shapes such that they extend both above and below the roof; 5) Select the roof and the extrude(s) and run Subtract Solids (using the extrudes as the cutting object).

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Draw the top surface shape with nurbs curves (use 3D Loci as snap points if you need to).  Select all of the nurbs curves and then from the Model / 3D Power Pack menu choose Create Surface from Curves.

Manipulate that Surface with the Reshape tool (make use of the X,Y and Z constraints) until you have the shape and top surface as you want it.  Then use the Shell tool to give it a thickness.

It may be easier to do a rectangle shape first to get the initial curve correct and then use the Project tool in Trim mode to remove the portions you don't want.  You will need to do that in Top view.  Then use Shell.

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I like that initial sketch :)


I like your solution :)
Don't worry to bring another 5000 of your solutions ...


I think I had tried this with a Nurbs Surface and later tried to give it a thickness.
As Nurbs are quite unintuitive for me, maybe a would skip them at on point and
would try again with a stupid Mesh - which I am able to control.
Finally try to convert that to a Generic Solid and thicken if possible.

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