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  1. barnes2000

    Scissor Lift

  2. barnes2000

    Scissor Lift

    @sbarrettyour post says "see video". Should we see a video attached? I'm not seeing a link or anything.
  3. barnes2000

    Subtract object from Wall Style

    What about just making the recessed wall a symbol and dropping into the actual wall? You could still make a new Wall Style for the recessed wall to help the Top/Plan view. I was a little lazy in this example. The inserted wall should be thinner so as to flush on the back part of the wall. The nice thing here is you can still adjust the height in OIP, and/or edit the symbol if needed.
  4. barnes2000

    Vectorworks - Learning 3d Assembly - Task 01

    Are you using a 3D mouse from 3DConnexion?
  5. barnes2000

    VW crash when sending to Vision

    Try this. It worked for me. forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/46576-vision-2017-issues-after-installing-sp2-mac-only
  6. Upon creating a new Project, I notice that the username for the initial administrator is grayed out and not editable. Where is the username coming from? My PC username? Windows? Vectorworks install? I'm asking because, for whatever reason, the name is spelled wrong.
  7. barnes2000

    Fixture Mode Not Staying

    There is a known issue with manually selected Vision symbols in the Fixture Mode field not holding. There is a workaround, but keep in mind, it could affect other things, like Lightwright. Currently, Fixture Mode field references the Instrument Type field. Fixture Mode should automatically be assigned based on the Instrument Type, but the problem is that the symbol names must match exactly. If the Instrument Type reads: VL3500 Wash, but the Vision Symbol reads: Vari*Lite 3500 Wash, it will leave the Fixture Mode blank. If, before you plot the symbol, you edit the Instrument Type name of the symbol to read exactly the same as the Vision Symbol, then Vectorworks will automatically fill the Fixture Mode with the matching Vision Symbol. You should even see multiple mode choices in the drop-down menu of the Fixture Mode. Once again, changing the Instrument Type name could cause issues with Lightwright, since that program references the same field.
  8. barnes2000

    Spotlight Resource Browser Organization

    When in doubt, use the search bar. It will locate whatever symbol you are for quicker than you could browse yourself.
  9. barnes2000

    Differences when exporting to Vision

    An updated manual for Vision (They dropped the ESP) is being worked on. Vision Symbol selection is no longer in the Edit Vision Data menu. This is only for editing things like Gobo Wheels and Color Wheels and such. The Fixture Mode field is the place to choose Vision symbols for your selected symbols.
  10. barnes2000

    Differences when exporting to Vision

    Yes, symbols are now based on a default hanging orientation. I believe this is because it is the standard for Vectorworks symbols, and they have updated the libraries to work together now. I have discovered that the Fixture Mode field is based on the Instrument Type field. If nothing is in the Instrument Type field, Fixture Mode defaults to None. There is a bug here that has been reported. In the meantime, if you edit your symbol and enter an Instrument Type that matches the Vision symbol name, you should see the Fixture Mode choices available in that field. For example, I had a modified symbol of a Sharpy, but I did not have "Clay Paky Sharpy" in the Instrument Type field of my symbol. When I tried to force the Fixture Mode to be the correct Vision symbol, it wouldn't stay. Once I edited the Instrument Type field of my symbol, the Fixture Mode was automatically updated, along with other Sharpy choices to pick from.
  11. barnes2000

    VW 2017 Export Web View

    Short answer is it does not export 2D objects, only 3D geometry, and their associated textures. Pretty sure it has to do with the API they are using for the 3D Web App.
  12. barnes2000

    Improvements in subdivisions

    @Kaare Baekgaard, just as Jim has said, you can Crease or Smooth all the edges or vertices at once to help better see the model as you model it by right clicking on the cage anywhere.
  13. barnes2000


    Yes @JimW. When you want extra displays, a printer, and a subwoofer in your mobile desk, why not just make it a desktop PC? The new one I just had built is way more powerful than what my MacBook Pro can do....and my MBP is pretty good.
  14. barnes2000

    3d label legend

    In addition to what Brandon commented about the Stacking Order in the Edit Fields section of the Label Legend Manager, you can also alter the Vertical Alignment of the text to nudge it up or down.
  15. barnes2000


    I never stay in one place, so my desk is mobile. It's not usually this messy, but it's got character.


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