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PVA - Jim

Rendering for Success - Preview

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Thank you, I hope they're found to be useful and informative, I was a little all over the place, was trying to touch the high points as quickly as was reasonable.

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Great series and I am really enjoying it.

Just finished 08 but it was somewhat embarrassing how poor texture mapping is in VW.

Doubt it changes in 2017 but I will try to remain optimistic

thanks again for your hard work and enthusiasm

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I'm watching as well - and am incredibly appreciative.

Made it to Philly last year, but not Chicago this :(

Was going to as for the 3dConnnexion info as well! LOL

I'll try the settings located above; i've tried before without your success with that k-base article.

If you find yourself with an extra moment - could you export your settings and post?

I always read the "Attached to the bottom of this article you will find an exported configuration in case you would like to try exactly the settings we use here, they can be added via the Configure > Import Configuration menu option." and wish it was there !!

thank you :)

Edited by Ethan R.

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Certainly, attached below.

This is configured on Mac, using 3DxWare 10.4, specifically for a Spacenavigator. I have heard reports from users that some of the mappings either for different models as well as different firmware versions can sometimes be inverted, but haven't heard it happen since 2016 came out.

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Thank you so much Jim !

Will give it a go!

(FYI - the old K-base was working better now then it did on last firmware).

Appreciate all.



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This one should have the Vectorworks 2016 app specifically named, the one above I may have had it set for All Applications:

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12 minutes ago, Markvl said:

Hey @JimW,

Would you be able to get the images for the textures and noise settings up for viewing?




Fixed in original post, also here (Warning, these images are BIIIG):




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