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Exclude Views from Undo History



It would be nice if changes in view were excluded from your undo history.

We often change views several times to look at a particular drafted element, so when we need to change it or undo it, we might have performed more commands than the undo history allows. There already is an undo view command, so why include views as a part of regular undo history?

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This setting will exclude every single View Change from Undo History.

But Undoing Geometry changes, VW will also jump back to that View

PAN/Zoom current at that time.

I find this very distracting also and haven't seen this behaviour anywhere

else so far. Because you normally want to set View to a special Zooming

for controlling your Undoing. VW counteracts that.

It may happen in some cases that you have an element selected, pan your

View to an other part of the drawing to see if it is ok to delete your selection,

and then delete.

If you come back undoing from 100 steps later, back to that point, you won't

be able to see which element will be reestablished.

So an enormous + 1 from my side.

And please give an option to avoid the View running away when my cursor

reaches the View Border while in a command.

If I ever want to change my View at that moment - I will do this by scrolling

around different cursor positions.

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Please allow us to exclude the camera positions from the undo/redo history. Now I have to do several undo's to see my camera going all over the place before I have my (geometric) adjustment undone.


edit: I think it's already implemented 9_9:


2017-05-23 10_25_57-Vectorworks Preferences.png

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