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  1. @Christiaan I'm not sure if you mean this with your explanation. But we're missing Hidden line with displaying the textures/colors of the objects. A bit like OpenGL but without the need to up de DPI settings of the sheet to get a clean result. If we boost the DPI settings, other hidden line viewports take forever to render. So we mostly just draw colored polygons on our viewport: Left one is without coloring, right one is with manually coloring on the viewport itself. Would be a big improvement if there was a Hidden line with colors ofcourse.
  2. Thanks for the tip, but that's already low. (It's in the description. 🙂)
  3. Hi, One of the biggest issues we're having is the wait time when rendering hidden line section viewports. Our production environment is still VW2021. I've tested VW2022 but doesn't seem to be a big improvement. We use InteriorCad to draw our cabinets. From the moment a layer contains cabinets, rendering performance takes a big hit. Rendering simple extrudes,... is no issue. Settings have been optimized to hide classes with a lot of detail. Raster Render DPI has been reduces to 33 for the sheet. Hidden line rendering settings have been optimized to this: 3D conversion Resolution has been set to Low. But why is only 7% of my CPU utilized? Can't this be increased to speed this up? Are there any other settings I can change to speeds this up? (I can't hide any more classes, layers or geometry) Thanks, Best regards, Bert
  4. Hi, I have the following issue: When I create a 2nd viewport on sheet 1 and the checkbox "Name viewport as Dwg No./Sheet No." is checked. It receives the name "2/1". When I then duplicate this viewport on this sheet, (just to change some visible classes for example). The name of the duplicate is 2/2 and not 3/1 as one would expect: This gives the issue that when I create a 2nd viewport on sheet 2 with the auto naming checkbox selected that I get a naming conflict because 2/2 already exists on sheet 1... So is it possible to fix this that duplication of a viewport changes the name according to the autonaming convention "dwg no/sheet no"? Or even better in my opinion: Change the auto naming of a viewport to "sheet no/dwg no", then the duplicate viewport logic can remain the same. Thanks, Kind regards, Bert
  5. Thank you for looking into this and marking it as a bug.
  6. No one at Vectorworks support that can acknowledge this is a bug or not?
  7. Any news on this topic? Am I doing something wrong, is there a setting off? Or is this just a bug? Definitely not resolved in VW2021 SP3.1 Build 588748.
  8. Hi, I've noticed that the DXF export sometimes changes the polyline direction. This behavior happens since VW2021. Before I didn't have this issue. It's really important for us to keep the polyline direction as we use these lines for milling on our CNC machine. In the file in the attachement you can find 2 design Layers. The first one is "Export". Here I have 2 polylines with the direction as show in this image from top to bottom. After exporting with these settings: I noticed that the right polyline has it direction inversed during the export. After importing, you can see this in the "Import" design layer: Is this a bug, or some settings that has to be changed? Thank you, Best regards, Bert ExportPolylineInversed.vwx
  9. You can go to task manager, then select your GPU. Move a bit around in vectorworks and see if the gpu gets any workload. Or you can check per application in the task manager: I also find vectorworks really slow. especially when there're many section viewports in your file.
  10. Issue is still present on windows 10 version 2020 SP2 Build 519614! Any news on when we can expect an update?
  11. Hi Stephan, Whenever I try to change a value of this object I get the following issue: version: Kind regards, Bert
  12. Hey Dom, Great node! I got it working for our clothing rails: Maybe a great addition would be if we could resize it with the reshape or selection tool. Thank you for sharing this. Kind regards, Bert
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