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  1. There is a request running at autodesk to enable the program to operate on windows or android and not only on the ipad pro... Who buys that thing anyway? ^^ -> Hopefully Leica will also release a control software so we don't need the autodesk product and can just export the scan to a readable vwx format. Did you scan a big room? How was the result? Did the scan take long to complete?
  2. I have 2 requests for the render and view mode in the preview pane of the resource browser: Please allow us to change the view and render mode when the file in the library isn't opened/activated. When not active, these 2 functions are grayed out: These buttons are enabled when the file is opened and i's the active file: Is it possible to enable them when the file isn't opened? Let the system remember the chosen render and view mode when the selection changes: The third symbol is selected and I've changed the view mode to right iso: When I select another symbol, the view mode is the default again: Wouldn't it be better if it remembered the last view & render mode? This would mean that you have one preference for all you symbols. Or is the vision of VW that every symbol has his own view preference? If this is the case, could you allow us to change the view & render mode of multiple symbols at once? Not possible atm, the symbols are grayed out again when we have multiple symbols selected: Thank you! Bert
  3. Okay, thank you for the information!
  4. Hi, My current plot date short format in VW is MM/dd/yy but my computer regional settings are dd/MM/yy. any way to point VW to my own pc's regional settings? Thank you VW: PC:
  5. I find it the quickest way to draw a custom shape by starting with a rectangle and then adjusting accordingly. But now I always have to do the conversion first. For example: When drawing a rectangle and trying to add vertexes with the reshape tool we first need to convert the rectangle to polygon before we can add vertexes: Following operations don't work on rectangles with the reshape tool: - Add/remove vertices - Hide/show edges - Change vertex mode Is it possible to implement an auto convert to polygons when trying to do these reshapes? Thank you, Bert
  6. Thanks Vasil! Although I also had to uncheck "Export Layers as Separate Files" to don't let it create the extra folder:
  7. +1 also when you use the command "Export to DXF/DWG..." please!
  8. ok, and how can we move this thread to wishlist?
  9. Does anyone know why the snapping palette is different than all the other palettes?For example, compared to the tool sets palette: The layout of the title bar: The tool sets, can be docked to the sides of your window like this. But the snapping palette can't: If you want to dock it somewhere it can only be added like a menu command bar. And I don't think that any other palette can fill the space in the extra bar that is created by the snapping palette. Any reasons for this different behavior? (these screenshots are taken on VW2018 for windows) Thank you, Bert
  10. I've tested your file and have the same result as you: dashed in VW2017. Full line in VW2018. I've also noticed the following strange behaviour in another file I've added: Design layer scale is set to 1:20. And when looking at the design layer in top plan I see the following: in ISO: TOP: In the top and iso view, the dashed line is not shown as properly as in the top/plan view. I don't have this issue in VW2017: test_dashed.vwx
  11. Thanks TSW! Indeed it works by changing the pen style of the line to class style and changing the pen style of the class to a dashed line. I see the dashed class dashed in the hidden line section viewport (in VW2017). Although it's strange that it doesn't work when just changing the pen style of a specific line...
  12. It is indeed just a line in a 3D plane. Both the options are checked:
  13. Hi all, When I draw a line on a 3D plane with line type set to dashed: And I create a section viewport that shows this line (hidden line render mode), I get the following result: Anyone has an idea how to display this line as a dashed line in the section viewport? EDIT: Design and Sheet layer have the same scaling set (1:10) Thank you, Bert
  14. I think it would be nice to have a menu command that updates all the viewports on the selected sheet layer. Now we can only update all viewports (of the file), or update the selected viewports. When we update all viewports of the file, we need to wait longer. Specially when you have a lot of interiorcad cabinets in your drawings. And when we update selected viewports, we first have to select them all. Thank you, Bert
  15. I just use vectorworks 2017 for the first file on screen 1 and vectorworks 2016 for the other file on screen 2