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  1. Thanks for your help @klinzey! I already checked all of that without success but weirdly today it's working. So restarting Vectorworks did NOT solve the issue but restarting the whole Mac did the trick!
  2. Hello, Since yesterday the Draw Beam tool on all my Lighting Devices is not working anymore. Ticking the box won't draw the beam on plan. Ticking the "Draw Beam as 3D Solid" will only draw the bottom (impact) circle but not the rest of the beam. It only does that on a particular file as far as I'm aware. Maybe I hit a key which triggered a shortcut I'm not aware of? Or is it a bug? Any idea how to solve this? Vectorworks 2021 SP4 macOS 11.4
  3. Still the same issue in 2021… please change this annoying behaviour.
  4. I’m actually waiting on VW to release an iPadOS app to buy the iPad Pro...
  5. Very cool workaround ! Thanks !!
  6. I see... thanks for the explanations !
  7. Is there any way to generally custom the hanging position titles ? Ideally, I would like to be able to do it like with lighting instrument labels. The idea is to have more than just text customisation (adding a shape around it, etc.). What would be the simplest way of doing it ?
  8. I want to create a scroller list using a worksheet. As Vectorworks already knows gel colors from numbers, I want it to automatically color the background of a row corresponding to the entered gel color. Is this possible out of the box ?
  9. Still no easy way to add a box around a text ? And with rounded corners ? Would be awesome to add this directly in a text style. I specifically want to add this to the hanging positions names in Spotlight.
  10. Trying VW2020 SP1. Great, two new issues found in the unusable Schematic View : The new Data Visualization tool won't apply colours (or whatever) to the corresponding Lighting Devices in Schematic View The 3D label of a Lighting Device won't show the text on the Schematic View (blank white rectangle) I attach my test file with the two issues. You can find a Data Visualization called LX Fixtures Types and two lighting devices on a Lighting Pipe. Good to know that my file was created in an educational version of VW. A third issue, not related to Schematic View, I had while trying all of this : big full VW crash when using the Close Active View Pane. VW20 is not ready for real-world use… Schematic View.vwx
  11. I updated to v2019 and opened a document produced on v2018. Now if I use the Export PDF command and uncheck the Rasterize PDF option, the produced document is rasterized… And if I use the Print command and then save the PDF from the macOS printing dialog, then the PDF is not rasterized. So it seems there is a problem with the Export PDF tool. Anyone has a solution ?
  12. It's possible to see the total weight on a hanging position in the Object Info palette. It would be very useful to be able to use this info in the Position Summary or in the Instrument Summary, so we can quickly check if the weight exceed the rig limit. And also an option to include in the calculation the weight of the Hanging Position itself or not.
  13. Thank you very much to have taken some of your time to help me Mark, all is resolved !
  14. Ok, so I worked a little bit more in my own file with the elements you sent me. Apparently it's the lighting instrument (ADB ACP1000) which has a problem, because with another one (tested with an ADB F101) it works well (like on your screenshot). The odd thing is that in OpenGL the light is shown, but not in Renderworks.
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