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  1. Thank you for looking into this and marking it as a bug.
  2. No one at Vectorworks support that can acknowledge this is a bug or not?
  3. Any news on this topic? Am I doing something wrong, is there a setting off? Or is this just a bug? Definitely not resolved in VW2021 SP3.1 Build 588748.
  4. Hi, I've noticed that the DXF export sometimes changes the polyline direction. This behavior happens since VW2021. Before I didn't have this issue. It's really important for us to keep the polyline direction as we use these lines for milling on our CNC machine. In the file in the attachement you can find 2 design Layers. The first one is "Export". Here I have 2 polylines with the direction as show in this image from top to bottom. After exporting with these settings: I noticed that the right polyline has it direction inversed during the export. After importing, you can see this in the "Import" design layer: Is this a bug, or some settings that has to be changed? Thank you, Best regards, Bert ExportPolylineInversed.vwx
  5. You can go to task manager, then select your GPU. Move a bit around in vectorworks and see if the gpu gets any workload. Or you can check per application in the task manager: I also find vectorworks really slow. especially when there're many section viewports in your file.
  6. Issue is still present on windows 10 version 2020 SP2 Build 519614! Any news on when we can expect an update?
  7. Hi Stephan, Whenever I try to change a value of this object I get the following issue: version: Kind regards, Bert
  8. Hey Dom, Great node! I got it working for our clothing rails: Maybe a great addition would be if we could resize it with the reshape or selection tool. Thank you for sharing this. Kind regards, Bert
  9. Seems to have solved itself.
  10. When going to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences I get the following error: Version info:
  11. Great! Thank you Mark! I didn't know you could change this. If anyone else is having this issue, this has to be selected:
  12. Hi, Is the insertion point of symbols broken? Whenever I create a symbol and I chose the insertion point somewhere in the middle of the symbol, VW just ignored this and takes the bottom leftmost point as the insertion point. When I edit the symbol I see that the zero point of the symbol is on the insertion point I had picked. But VW seems to ingore this when inserting the symbol. Example of symbol: When inserting, the leftmost bottom point is used as insertion point: Thank you, Best regards, Bert
  13. does work here: Ctrl+A: pressing ctrl + shift + u:
  14. At the moment I help myself with: Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Shift + U Ctrl+A: select everything on the sheet Ctrl + Shift + U: update selected viewports (don't know if this is a custom key binding)
  15. This post points out my biggest issues on this matter.
  16. Hi Stephan, I've tested this marionette and it's really nice! But i got the following issue: I've added the marionette and it's resources to our library. When trying to place it in a cabinet in a new file I can't reach our library document from the objects panel: The resource manager in the object panel doesn't show up our workgroup Libraries. Here is the exact location of the marionette in our resource manager: Kind regards, Bert
  17. I was able to fix a file once by exporting it to a lower version (eg. vw 2017). Then reopening the file with the newest version of vw.
  18. Hi Boh, Thank you for your suggestion! That's a bit of strange approach to drag vectorworks over 2 screens but yes, that actually works!
  19. Hi, With the integration of multiple view panes in VW2018, I thought we would be able to open 2 different vwx files and place them next to eachother. But if I have 2 files in VW2018, for example file A and B. When I create a floating view pane in file A and then reactivate file B in my mainwindow. The floating view pane of file A dissapears. It reappears when file A is reactivated. What I'm trying to achieve is the following: have 2 windows of 2 different files open next to eachother. The screenshot below is made by opening File A in VW2018 and file B in VW2017: Wouldn't it be great if we could create a seperate viewpane by dragging the tab of a file out of the mainwindow? For example: If we drag the tab untitled6 out, it creates a viewpane containing untitled6 and Untitled5 stays active in the mainwindow? Thank you, Bert
  20. I've updated the first post with images of the halftone milling on "Trespa".
  21. Wow, thanks for the hint to the Chunk list node! I was looking for something similar when i was working on the average pixel color for the halftone circle! And, yes. I don't use drillings close together for the line milling effect. Just a continuous milling with varying depth:
  22. I've found pictures of 2 millings I did in the past: With a detail:
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