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sub-parameteric tools



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Masterful video presentation of a cool modeling concept!

The pipe in video is great example. Linear lumber and extruded metals are other potential sub PIO objects. Although users should be able to convert any object to a Product with numeric controls.

I think I'm summarizing correctly:

The Sub PIO (Product) object would retain its parametric controls for things such as length & cross section (lumber) or diameter & wall thickness & axial rotation (pipe) even after the Product is altered by end cuts, edge cuts, drilling, tilting, etc.

EG the pipe can be drilled, resized for length, tilted, or the rafter can have bird eye edge cuts and angled end cuts. The PIO numeric controls and mouse edits can alter the overall length or cross section without distorting the holes or cuts or tilt. Perfect!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I like it! Submitting request now for R&D to put some thought into its implementation.

Isn't this what's Marionette is for?

It is! However I think a little more control would be needed on the user side, currently you can make a parametric pipe object via marionette relatively simply, but performing solid operations like cutting holes in it, would revert it to a simple solid. The desire is to allow for altering/deforming the object while still retaining parametric control of the original, which I think is out of the scope of most (if not all) Vectorworks' tools at the moment.

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