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Naming of symbols

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I have created a symbol. Frame with glass so 2 objects I have named 1 frame and 1 glass so 2 classes. I then went to save the symbol and gave it a name (frame) but comes up with name already exists.... I thought the class and symbol were differing items and could therefore have the same name...I know I can just rename the symbol to frame 1 to overcome

Why do I get this (already exists)

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I believe nothing in VW is allowed to have the same name.

That's not that good.

The warning comes very often for me.

And I am not sure if the warning will always appear when needed or if there

are special cases where you are able to set a name used before and get in

big trouble with your design file.

Theoretically you have to name everything with a prefix to not be limited

in giving useful names and to avoid problems, like :

Class : CLS_Glass

Texture: RWT_Glass

Symbol : SMB_Glass


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Or a suffix can work and dash (except for class names) or space works for me. The underscore may look best, but requires two keys.

It's really inconvenient because of so many categories that might have same name. Class, Layer, Symbol, Texture, Sheet Layer, Viewport, Drawing Title, Record Field, Story, Level, probably loads of others.


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It seems that the naming scheme is based on a master name list for the document and consequently, you cannot name two things the same. The id workaround, which is how the class list functions, is good for the user but for the programmer, it can become a nightmare because if you are looking for a single item, you would have to search in another list with objects of the same name.

In my opinion, it would be better if they separate the master list into individual name lists for all drawing objects as a group and then for each resource type.

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