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Does anybody know, what's on with Vectorlab.info?

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Thanks for the help everyone. Much appreciated

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@orso b. schmid i'm sorry, i've missed all these posts and the reference to me.


I'm sorry to hear that vectorlab is down.


It is absolutely possible to merge any information you have from vectorlab into the developer.vectorworks.net wiki. Also, i can give rights to anyone who is willing to support it.

Page edit requires logged in user, page creation requires admin.

User registration requires a request as we've seen lots of bots creating users and spamming the pages, but i create users for anyone who asks. 


Unfortunately, I currently have no team to support it actively and produce nice examples. I'm working on this to change, but i cannot promise timeline at this point.


Again, if you have the db, or any set of articles from the vectorlab, i can merge it in.

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Ciao Vlado, it's good to see you!

for the moment I put the article as backup on Orso's talk page.

I think that whenever I can I'll re-wiki it there.





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Removed: contained links to bad pages (Vectorlab had been spammed)

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Hi _c_,

   When I try to open your WebArchives in Safari I get a flurry of errors repeating in a new blank Tab. The following message keeps flashing on the Safari screen as if it's stuck in an infinite loop, or there are just so many errors queued up I close the Tab before they finish.




I've also tried to open the files with Firefox and I get a message asking if I want to open them with Safari. That's kind of funny.


Can you open the webarchive files on your system? If so, it may be an OS thing. I am still on OS 10.11.6, and Safari is v11.1.2. I may need newer software.



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Damn, you're fast. Then it must be my machine / software.


Thanks, I'll try again if and when I get a new computer. 😉



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Raymond, I can give you the LB library any time, you don't need that old article. Here is it as PDF, but it's barely readable.

I just discovered that the web archives contain some really ugly links to bad sites!


List Browsers article reworked


Edit: deleted zip, added link


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Dear all, I removed the archives, Vectorlab had been intensely spammed, there were links to bad sites.

I'll re-wikify on Orso's page as soon as possible.

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What a shame.


I haven't noticed there was an issue at Vectorlab.


I found a Safari webarchive of "Absolute Origin" in my hard drive.


It is more than 10 years old, so not sure  if it helps, but please take a look if you are interested.




Absolute Origin - Vectorlab.zip

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Hello Takeshi, that was a wonderful article by Gerard Jonker. I have the latest copy.



This is what I have kept, I will transfer it as soon as possible on dev, need to speak with @Vlado. Not all of it should transfer.

  • Absolute Origin
  • Charles Chandlers (all articles):
  •     Button in Object Info
  •     Obj with custom preference dialog
  •     Obj with Edit Path triggered by Edit Group
  •     Obj with geometry creation outside PIO
  •     Obj with no wall insertion
  •     Obj with reset on layer scaling
  •     Path obj with 2D Reshape on double-click
  •     Path obj with markers editable in Attributes Palette
  •     Path obj with surface editing
  •     Path obj without vertex or 3D widgets in OIP
  • Colors in VectorWorks 2008+
  • Colours
  • Converter tables
  • Creating IFC Data
  • Creating IFC Entities
  • Dialogs
  •     ColorPicker
  •     Dialog (simple)
  •     Dialog with List Browser
  •     Dialog with tabs - simple
  •     Dialog with tabs and pull down menu
  •     Frame
  •     Generic Class-Layer dialog
  •     Generic Pulldown dialog (array of string)
  •     Generic Record Dialog
  •     List browser index quirks - PC Mac
  •     VW Preferences Script
  • Dieter Geerts library, complete
  • Events
  • Index pitfalls
  • ListBrowsers (Orso's delirious sandbox)
  • MAC PC differences
  • New VectorScript - BBedit or TextWrangler
  • Object Types Commented
  • Round Walls
  • Run VectorScript - BBedit or TextWrangler
  • Run VS from Clipboard
  • Subroutines - Math
  • VectorScript Performance
  • VectorWorks File Types


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Hi, I just stumbled across this thread while looking for info on what has become of the very useful information on Vectorlab.  It is great to learn that much has been archived, including the very often cited Events page.  Just wondering if there is any update on when these archives may again be visible somewhere, and if there is anything any of us in the community can do to help?

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I will transfer the articles there soon, but I am not sharing Orso's subroutines any longer.



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Posted (edited)

Hello everybody,


just to inform that now the List Browser article has been reworked and put on dev in my user space, since the thing is all but official.



I would be thankful if one of the admins could delete the attachment in my previous post (under Orso's Avatar). I found out that the webarchive I saved is full of truly ugly links, the wiki had apparently been capered before being shut down. This also applies to the Wayback machine, and BTW, that most articles didn't save.


@Pat Stanford, can you help there? Delete the zip here?

Pat, I could still delete it as Orso, it's done!


Thank you and happy new year everybody!







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@_c_ this is nothing short of amazing.

Truly, thank you for reviving this!


Happy New Year from the southern hemisphere!

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