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  1. Hi @Niels Timmer It seems like the blog server has some issue. We are now trying to update the system to resolve it. Please stay tuned. Takeshi
  2. Sorry about the language. Maybe the following can help a little. The link to the file of nodes. https://bim.aanda.co.jp/blog/download/aa-ノードライブラリ/?wpdmdl=7474 and a document with sample usage. https://bim.aanda.co.jp/blog/download/マリオネットサンプル10-1/?wpdmdl=7491 These are the links in the article.
  3. We've just created a post about material node for Marionette. https://bim.aanda.co.jp/blog/2021/01/7451/ I am sorry that everything is in Japanese, but may be Google can help you here. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&u=https://bim.aanda.co.jp/blog/2021/01/7451/ Takeshi
  4. Sorry for my late reaction, but just updated the files for 2020. Takeshi
  5. Revised the script to reflect suggestions from @Cris with no H . Also, here are the outputs for 2020. CreateNodeList 2020.vwx CreateNodeList 2020.pdf Enjoy!
  6. Hi Carlotta, Great to know that you have the latest copies!
  7. What a shame. I haven't noticed there was an issue at Vectorlab. I found a Safari webarchive of "Absolute Origin" in my hard drive. It is more than 10 years old, so not sure if it helps, but please take a look if you are interested. Regards, Takeshi Absolute Origin - Vectorlab.zip
  8. Hi, GetFldType() returns '8' for pop-up field of a record format. Is this expected? How can you distinguish between, field type Number-fractional? http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VS:GetFldType&oldid=2701 Regards, Takeshi
  9. I found the following files in the user library folder. The contents are: I guess the links to the wheel files in the Marionette node is outdated. However, I could download the following wheel file indicated in the script from Safari. I haven't checked other links, but the server might not be accepting access from Vectorworks software?
  10. Hi Cris, I'm glad you liked it! I am not sure what is happening, but can you try changing the font? In line 57, there is "vs.SetTextFont" and the name of the font is indicated in the parameter of vs.GetFontID. You can change the font used by setting the font name where a Japanese font is set currently. Also, maybe you can delete this line to have document font used. Regards, Takeshi
  11. Hi Everyone, My colleague here at A&A had created a Python script to list the nodes of Marionette. It should create a document with all the nodes ready for printing, like the attached files. We tested with page set to A3 portrait on a Japanese version, but it should work with other formats too. Please tell us what you find! I hope this will encourage more people to learn Marionette. It was ready a few months ago, but took so long to post it here... Regards, Takeshi Kimura@A&A CreateNodeList.py (Attached as CreateNodeList.txt) CreateNodeList.txt TEST05_paged.pdf TEST05.vwx
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