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Subdivision Objects




So I am playing with the Subdivision tools and I want to add a texture, it is all made up of meshes, so I add a texture to it and mmmmm, messy.

So do I now have to convert it to a generic solid to get the textures to show up properly?? and there is no going back. So I guess I need to save my model if I need to make changes.

Is this how it all works?? you cant have textures on the Subdivision because of the mesh????

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@Alan Woodwell: Yes, unfortunately this is how the Subdivison objects work until Vw gets UV mapping capability.

Here's several quotes from the Vectorworks 2016 announcement thread regarding this subject:

While it is still a Subdivision object, the texture mapping is limited to automatic and you can not adjust it, mainly because the "shape" of the object is completely fluid until editing is over. If you convert the object to a solid though, you get all the separate mapping option types and attribute mapping tool control.

Once you convert a Subdivision object to a solid in order to have better texture mapping control, do you lose the ability to make any further subdivision modifications?

Yes. The INSTANT I saw Subdivision objects for the first time I immediately submitted a request for conversion from generic solids back to subdivisions. ;)

If so, it seems like UV mapping (as previously wishlisted in other threads) would be a worthwhile addition to the Subdivision object (and VW in general)..

I agree, rather than trying to add a new method just for Subdivision objects, an overall texturing solution that works on all kinds of 3D objects would be preferable.

So until UV mapping is implemented, which has been a wishlist item for a long time, the only real option is to not use image-based RW textures on Subdivison objects, but instead you should use solid materials.

And keep requesting for UV mapping.

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All the more reason to get UV mapping in Vectorworks if one wants decent textures on Subdivision objects. I know there are budget constraints and priorities etc. but it seems to be that subdivisions v2 would have been a perfect argument for introducing UV mapping into VW.

so +1 on this and UV mapping

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"and you only get slightly better control converting it to a generic solid and lose all abilities to edit your object later. "

There is no reason to convert it into a generic solid. Just add-solid the subdivision to any object like a small cube placed inside the subdivision. If the cube is the backmost object, textures will automatically use one of its edges for alignment – which makes it easier to map with the mapping tool.



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