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window between floors in a stairwell


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I've got a 4' tall window in a stairwell that straddles two floors. It's on the lower

floor layer so in the viewport elevation the wall from the floor above shows up in it.

I guess this is an example where setting up stories might have worked better but

I haven't been using stories. Is there a way to deal with this?

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For this one you'll need to resort to the following workaround: place the window in either of the layers, allowing it to extend up or down beyond the wall as needed, then select the window and Copy and Paste in Place into the other layer. Adjust the pasted window so that its type is "opening" and adjust it for height and elevation such that the first window is visible in 3d...

Alternatsly you can use two "openings" (one in each layer) and then merely place the window where it needs to be (not inserted into a wall).

Neither method is perfect, but they'll get the job done.

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Peter, I think we have close to a winner.

Fit Walls does not work to fit to a Window in Wall projecting above the top of the wall. It does work on an individual Window object. I only tired this with a window in the lower wall extending past the top, but it should work the opposite way as well.


1. Make sure Offset Duplication is off

2. Duplicate the window that crosses the walls. It should show as a simple Window object in the OIP.

3. Select the upper wall.

4. Select Fit Walls to Objects from the menu. Tell it to fit to the layer with the lower wall and the duplicated window.

5. Click OK

6. Select and delete the now extraneous window.

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The way I do it is in video.

Place the same window in both floors, move them so they overlap and make one an uncased opening.


You should probably use an uncased opening that way you dont get 2 frames overlapping.

The workaround for making the window show in plan for the uncased opening is to make a section of wall with the window in it and put on a separate class that you can have turned on in the plan otherwise you won't see a window in plan only the uncased opening.

You can have this set to be on in the viewports for plans only and that's the best way to control it.

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