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  1. Thanks everyone! It's fixed now 😃 I used a combination of what Zoomer and TomKen suggested (made an extra copy of the file to play around in). I need to keep on eye on Styles and Classes more in the future, they're still quite confusing. There's so many settings! I'm not entirely sure what overrides what in the end, but I'll get there. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! I still need to manually select the windows I want to change, if I understand correctly. I was hoping there was a global 'find and replace', but it doesn't seem like there is. I do have Project Windows setup at least, so it's still a dropdown function pretty much. I mainly wanted to avoid having to manually find and replace the wrong ones. Thanks again!
  3. Hi folks, Is there a way to replace all Windows A in my entire project with Windows B? I also have Windows C that should remain unaffected. Basically, my brain blanked and I put the wrong windows in half my building 😅I was able to find Modify > Convert > Replace with Symbol but that only works on selected windows. I have 8 storeys I'd need to manually go through and was really hoping there's a better way. I've followed quite some tutorials by now but I have no recollection of seeing a function like this. This is the first big project I'm using VW for, so my workflow is also not ideal or fast yet. Mistakes will be a-plenty, haha. I'm using VW21 SP3 educational license in the Architect workspace. My windows are inserted with the Symbol Insertion Tool and show up as Exterior Joinery In Wall in the Object Info Pallet. Thanks and cheerio, Viola.
  4. It totally disappears! I tried pinnin and unpinning, it's not hiding behind other open windows either, it doesn't snap back to somewhere on the main monitor. It simply vanishes? The only thing that brings it back is unpluggin the second monitor, closing VW, plugging it back in, reopening VW and resetting the workspace to default. Then it appears as a bar that folds down when I hover. It's very strange to say the least.
  5. Hi all, my Resource Manager keeps disappearing. I would like to have it on my second monitor, but when I drag it over it disappears until I restart VW and reset the Workspace to default. This is really annoying. I found more people with the same problem, but no solution. I currently use ctrl+R on my main monitor to toggle it on and off, but I'd like it to just stay open on my second monitor so I have everything in view. I'm using VW 2021 on an educational license. Windows 10 PC with latest updates. One 4k monitor for the acutal work, and an HD one for (hopefully) the resource manager and notes and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheerio, Viola
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