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vw2014 We now have chalk lines!

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Inadvertent features, for the win!

Unless DaveD had this as part of his master plan the entire time...

As a general question for architectural users, is this exceedingly useful as a feature? Should it be showcased as a tech tip so that other users can be made aware of it?

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While this looks fun - it is not important to work flow or for comunicating to anyone. a gridlines is something to communicate to builders, a crisp 2d set out line drawing is required.

If any time is spent in the gridline tool then

1st add an extrude to each line so that when you section the gridline it shows up in the section viewport.

2nd make the section vp smart enough to self label the gridline

3rd if you want to make a 3d tool like that shown here then the gridline should appear on all surfaces at the intersection. Ie the grid is seen on floor column and ceiling.

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