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    pure white background

  2. Im looking for a suitable half length graphics card for an external GPU for running Vectorworks (currently VW2017) I want to upgrade my mac mini to the 2018 version. Anyone using one presently? Im looking at this case https://www.akitio.com/expansion/node-lite
  3. A button to quickly change the page border's orientation to portrait or landscape without having to go through the page setup would be useful. A drop down list of page sizes for the page border-populated by the user-would be handy also. Both available from the toolbar.
  4. Please see image, the dropdown list should be in front of the Resource Browser tab. 75% is hidden. I think this is a bug.
  5. Kizza

    Zoom percentage dropdown blocked

    And here it is in 2012.. I use scroll wheel all the time. I mainly use the zoom percentage when navigating between the sheet layers and design layers - sometimes returning to the sheet layer requires a zoom reset.
  6. Kizza

    VW 2017

    I've been away from VW for a while due to undertaking a project based assignment outside of the industry. I took advantage of an offer to upgrade from 2012 to 2017. I must say that I am very impressed with the mac version of VW2017. The UI seems better implemented than the 2012 version. It has been stable and fast. It seems like a new program, so much to learn....might have to get some training. Looks like VW2018 was a big release as well.
  7. Kizza

    Lines in Rendering

    Is there any way to stop the line between floors in this rendering? (Artistic - Lines with Shadows) Hidden Line renders fine.
  8. Kizza

    Mac v PC / VW2017Feltron

    we're seriously considering moving to Windows. Mainly because of limited hardware options on the mac side. Other reason is that Microsoft Office is just better on Windows. Plus Outlook has features we want to use that Apple Mail doesn't (or Outlook for Mac)
  9. Kizza


    Depends on how Nemetschek plans to implement materials. Will VW have the inbuilt intelligence to determine if an object is cut or is in section? If so, then all of the graphical attributes of an object (2D plan, 3D, section attributes, fills, textures and hatches) could all be incuded in the class - VW then intelligently determines how to display the object depending on the view. This approach could support how users currently use classes. So essentially, "materials" is an additional feature/function of a class, which a user initiates depending on the need. But in developing materials, you also need to think about how it will work with live sections, as these two features are twins IMO.
  10. Kizza

    Duplicating sheets and drawing label numbers

    Weird. I can't replicate this on 2012
  11. The "Convert Copy to Lines" keeps the original objects intact.
  12. Slapping on an option button doesn't really address the underlying issue does it? Apparently the reason why auto updating is presently not implemented is because VW is still single threaded... So looks like the status quo remains..
  13. When right clicking on an object and selecting "Locate Hatch in Resource Browser", I would like the selected hatch to be automatically brought to the top of the hatch list.
  14. I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't want my worksheet to be updated at all times. Worksheets after all, are simple spreadsheets, with data links to plug-in-objects and records. Yes you may have thumbnails of windows, doors, plants etc also, but I fail to see how including these images will affect processing power to a great degree - unless you have many, many images perhaps. Microsoft Excel users do not have to manually update their worksheets - they are dynamic, make a change to one worksheet and it'll update in another. I'd say Excel worksheets can be far, far more resource intensive than Vectorwork's worksheets. What you describe is possibly a VW performance issue. And, if there is a reluctance to implement auto updating of worksheets because of CPU performance, where does that leave other performance related enhancements, such as auto updating hidden line viewports (which I think is coming in 2017 ), live updating section viewports, live updating site model sections? And, even if there is a performance related software issue to generating worksheets with thumbnails, these can be dealt with by background processing techniques, which have recently been introduced into VW big brother, Archicad.
  15. Worksheets should auto calculate
  16. Kizza

    Clear Strategy For Annotations

    Sorry Tom, what I meant is do Detail Viewports only live on a sheet layer? Or can you create a detail viewport like a section viewport - both on a design layer and a sheet layer?
  17. Kizza

    Vectorworks 2017

    Sorry Zoomer, I haven't had my coffee yet - I'm not sure what you mean by this post
  18. Kizza

    Vectorworks 2017

    Prblem is though, nothing is done about them.
  19. Kizza

    Vectorworks 2017

    JimW, are we still manually updating hidden line viewports in 2017? I agree with many of Altivec's observations, except that I accept that higher end rendering should be passed onto another package, but I would insist that the C4D-VW pipeline be rock solid. We as a micro studio are expected now to provide more renderings of our drawings so this becomes ever more important to us moving forward. I think that when you become aware of the competition and what they offer, you see more clearly where VW needs to spend their development resources. Some users here (eg Kevin McAllister) are very proficient at using VW and other packages - the shortcomings become glaringly apparent and frustration grows. I've played with a demo version of Archicad 20 over the last two days. VW on steroids!
  20. Kizza

    Clear Strategy For Annotations

    Can detail viewports be created and annotated on a design layer? I have 2012 so cant test. I also prefer annotations in the design layer.
  21. Kizza

    Dark Theme Please

    Prefer a more elegant, purpose designed solution myself. Dark themes incorporate elements of the user interface, not just the working space itself.
  22. Kizza

    Dark Theme Please

    Im on Mavericks, I think Dark Themes were introduced in Yosemite?


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