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I'm sure we used to be able to duplicate a rectangular shape such as a paver along a path before but now I can't do that in VW2010. Duplicate array options do not follow paths. :confused:

All I want to do is create a stepping stone path with pavers at right angles to the path. :crazy:


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If there are several courses, you need a new path for each course. Use the offset tool to copy your original path inboard or outboard. If a path curves a lot, it may need to be split into segments eg a segment for each arc with different duplication spacing to avoid pavers penetrating each other.


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It would be nice if the hardscape tool could create running bond paths but it does not. it would also be nice to create more elaborate border systems. i.e. 4x8 soldier with 4x4 split stone and 6x6 square all different colors and together to make a border, or even a double or triple row.

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Thanks Bryan

I tried that but the squares are not done at a tangent to the path (not in this drawing file anyway). This particular project has a circle theme so I have to create

paths on arcs.

Benson, I also noted a solution on the hardscape tool but it is way too complex for what I want or am able to do.

Appreciate both your suggestions though.


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The best thing is to use a Tile fill and a Wall to create such a pathway.

Tile Fills can be set to Rotate in Wall and can also Fit to Wall (on their Y Axis).

I have created a series of Tile Fills that you can download from our website. I can't remember if I set them to ROtate in Wall, but you can easily edit their settings yourself if not.


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Pavers Along a Path.png (8 downloads)

Description: Pavers Along a Path - using a Line Type and a Polyline

Hello Tamsin,

In your screenshot did you use 2 different Line Type, so one for each paversize or only one wich as the width of the path?


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@Holly2779 hardscape with border might work for the parking area. Or try the Duplicate Along Path command in the Edit menu. Just make a copy of the relevant edge (the path) and a rectangle or other paver shape (the object to duplicate). Select both and run the command. If paver has incorrect orientation, undo, rotate the paver 90deg, then DAP again. 


I, too, would love to see the @Tamsin Slatter screenshots. Can moderator facilitate regen? Old thread, so maybe images are lost. 

For extended discussion see also:


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@Benson ShawJust discovered how to do it! Go to Hardscape - then at the top option select - Pathway Configuration Mode - then draw your single pathway line, double clicking to close the line. Then hardscape options - Draw 2D - joint pattern - Pavers - Curved Path - this takes you to further settings where you can edit the paver size etc...

Its still imperfect and clunky...annoyingly I can't figure out how to remove those lines that go across the width of the path marking the change in curve..


Good Luck












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@Holly2779 glad you found that! We (forum) should have mentioned this, too. It’s usually fine to communicate idea of paver courses following a curve. But does have some fail points if detail is needed. 


My uses often require placement of individual pavers.  In this hardscape feature, pavers are not separate rectangles (I’m assuming intended design is unit pavers), but rather are the blank spaces surrounded by curved course lines and the end joint lines. Joints have no width, so cannot indicate splays or possible large infill areas along sharp curves. Blah blah blah. Often none of that is of concern. 

If others do not post, I will try to remember how to remove those construction joints and report in a later post. 


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@Holly2779 Here is some followup.  I cannot find controls for those extra lines.  The occur wherever the source poly has a vertex.  The paver spacing/coursing resets at each line, so the pattern ends up with some shorties at the line.  Perhaps others have a way to control visibility of the lines.


 I feel like I'm the keeper of Vectorworks Arcane Knowledge (trivia?). I did not invent this, but here is a fun and surprising way into unit pavers with the Parking Along Path command. Works well in 2d.  Translation to 3d would probably involve creating and applying an image texture of the entire pavement. Or if a site model is present, and the hardscape is at the surface, convert the pacer linework to 3d polys and Send to Surface.   Can be done, but what a pain!  Wish there is a direct Vectorworks way to do this:



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I'm liking this custom line type option. It works well with a closed shape, eg a rectangle. Color and class, and a gap can be established.  All these methods give a good impression of pavers arrayed along curves. Actual location/splay/gap of individual pavers in the installed world will likely be different.


Examples below show 4" courses. Custom linetype geometry is 7.8"x3.9" rectangle and .2" gap.  Zoom plays tricks in the drawing space. Rectangles convert to curvy at higher zoom.









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