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  1. @Tom W. such a legend! took about about 2 minutes to get what I wanted on the door design! Cheers!
  2. I'm on VW2022.... I've never heard of WinDoor so will do some research! Thank you
  3. Hello to Anyone out there. I am trying to create a Bi-Fold door that has four 'leafs' rather than the default 2 'leafs'. The object info pallet is a little overwhelming with possible modifications and despite trying each option I cannot make more 'leafs' other than selecting a double bi-fold option which gives two leafs attached to each end of the structural opening. I need four leafs on one side... Please see attached photos... all advice appreciated.
  4. Immensely helpful food for thought. The parking along path tool is really helping! Thanks for all the top tips.....
  5. @Benson ShawJust discovered how to do it! Go to Hardscape - then at the top option select - Pathway Configuration Mode - then draw your single pathway line, double clicking to close the line. Then hardscape options - Draw 2D - joint pattern - Pavers - Curved Path - this takes you to further settings where you can edit the paver size etc... Its still imperfect and clunky...annoyingly I can't figure out how to remove those lines that go across the width of the path marking the change in curve.. Good Luck !
  6. Id love to have a look @Tamsin Slatterat the screenshots you sent here - cannot see them anymore? Im trying to create a single brick edge around a gravelled parking area and a curved path with bricks that follow the curve! Any help appreciated!
  7. this is a genius workaround - thank you!
  8. Hola, When I use landscape area tool, edit the border settings to plant cloud/ plant line, the 2D graphic sticks outside of the polygon lines and therefore spills into the other shapes - it looks scruffy! Is there a way to create the cloud/line style within the boundaries of my box? For reference... I am trying to produce a layout document with a similar plant border graphic to a pre-existing document of my clients (in picture)
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