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Several newbi-ish Questions

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I am often trying to work on small pieces of a large drawing. When I use the Flyover tool I would like to be able to pick the point that it rotates around. Is that possible?

Similarly when I go from the design layer to screen layer or visa versa I always have to zoom way out to figure out where I am. I know that there are views but I would have to have so many that I wouldn't know which went where. I would love to be able to always go back to the spot I left every time

Sometimes zooming in or out changes the visibility of various objects.

Sometimes when I zoom in to get dead on the right spot for a dimension on a sheet layer the object disappears.

The 3 attached images are from design layer. One is missing the grill, one is correct, has the grill and is missing the top. The 3 screenshots were taken moments apart and only differed in zoom by on click of mouse wheel.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Make sure "Centre on objects after view change" is checked in Preferences>Display. It will solve your problem of losing objects when zooming.

When the Flyover tool is selected you'll see various modes in the Mode Bar across the top of your screen. I think one of them does the click to choose your point to rotate around. I always use the second mode (object mode, which looks like a perspective box) which rotates around the currently selected object.

You should also learn about using the Z key to activate the zoom loupe. It will save you zooming in and out to locate specific points. Press Z to magnify where the pointer is. Press ESC to restore back to your original view.


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Additionally, Command 4 (mac) or control 4 (pc) is the shortcut for Fit to Page; command 3 is shortcut for 100% zoom; command 1 zooms in by X2; command 2 zooms out by X2. And if you have a 9Key on your keyboard, 0=top/plan; 1=front left iso; 4=left; etc, etc. Also, there are three little icons at the top of the VW's window: Fit to Page; Fit to (selected) Object(s); Zoom in.

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The disappearing objects happens to me too sometimes. It might have something to do with your specific graphics card. You zoom with the mouse wheel and some of the objects disappear. But zoom in or out another click or two and they come back.

When it starts happening, try re-opening the document or restarting the computer. I've found that closing the file and opening it again cures many nuisances.

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