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  1. That would be a no on that with the object choices. I work almost exclusively in Open GL but the textures did all appear correctly on the design and sheet layers
  2. DING ding ding ------- Jeff wins the prize. That fixed all but one (which has some weird settings) Thanks
  3. Every texture I try to edit does this whether it originated as an image or color. See the third and last image It did this to me all last year (VW 2020) as well. Unfortunately I was not very busy for most of the year. VW 2021 is doing the same thing. Through the images watch the previews of Wood Decking Red tint. Thanks
  4. I just started playing with Electrical Circuits for a small project and decided to extend it out to my building. My issue is that the building has quite a bit of 3 phase and 220 electrical. One of my main panels is 3 phase 400amp with disconnect. I didn't see anything like that in supplied panels so a custom one is needed? How do I do that? How do I set it up so my home runs show the 2 or 3 breakers that control one location? Also most of these end at a Fused disconnect. Is there a way to notate these? Thanks
  5. In the Title block field project data.file name is it possible to NOT display the .vwx suffix ?
  6. I tried to do a "photos to 3d object". It didn’t work very well. It would be pretty useful to me now and then if I can get it to work Can you let me know what I did wrong? Did I leave out steps? I took photos Processed New file. Import point cloud and import obj Vwx is what I ended up with Photos, processed file and vwx are at this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bmxsdi0zqmi5wkg/AAB4_2zLmTQ71LLzWGhVoZKYa?dl=0 Thanks Hope all is well where you are.
  7. Thanks again to all who helped. I figured that last part myself Pat. That's one for me.
  8. It's easy when you know how. Worked like a charm of course. Seems like I should do my tagging on the sheet layer as opposed to the design layer?
  9. Sorry to be a bother but . . . Record and worksheet and objects on the page in " mike's data test" all seem to be coordinated and interacting but my data tags all come in blank, unlike in the "datatag test" file where they automatically get the same number as they have in the record format. What am I doing wrong? DataTag Test.vwx Mikes data test 2.vwx
  10. That worked thanks Maybe I know enough to do it again now. I'll have to work on it again in the morning soot doesn't fall out of my brain. So if I put the same record format in my big favorites file where I store my symbols and attach the symbols and I include that record format and the worksheet in my new file template that should make it work on my future files as well right?
  11. Ok so here I am asking. I got milezee's file, modified it a bit and it does just what I want to do for starters. Printed report with tags. I made my own (Mikes data test) and thought I followed what you said and no go. Made it very similar to milezee no go The worksheet and the Record format seem to have a failure to communicate What am I missing ? Thanks for your help Mikes data test 2.vwx DataTag Test.vwx
  12. Yes your stuff did give me a ray of hope. I got sort of a feel for it. On to Pat's post now.
  13. Big help I still don't understand it but got it working sort of. So is there a way to automatically populate the list based on the symbol or objects in the file with id tag numbers automatically incremented Datatag test.vwx
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