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  1. Michelvh

    Freeform tube

    Thanks for your help. I'll give this a try as soon as I can get back around to that project.
  2. Michelvh

    Freeform tube

    I'm trying to draw something like the attached picture but I spent hours on this and have no real control over it's path. How SHOULD I draw this? MNP.4 tube.pdf
  3. Michelvh

    New Class colors

    Thanks Jim that worked Now if I can only remember ...
  4. Michelvh

    New Class colors

    I know I should know this but ... When I make a new class the the Fill is always solid red and the line is always solid blue and the texture is always none. How can I change the default to Fill solid white and line to black and texture to my generic white? Thanks
  5. Michelvh

    Deconstruct a helix

    Thanks for giving it a try I got an error trying to unfold Must be too complex. Let me know you you have any other ideas
  6. Michelvh

    Deconstruct a helix

    If I make a helix from a 1/4"w x 12" h rectangle ( 36"d x 96" tall in a single rotation) is there a way to flatten that out to make a cut file for CNC to cut 1/4" aluminum? 228_R05.02 Renderings_7-13-17.pdf
  7. Looking back again --- just like in the original post
  8. I was searching for something else and ran across this. I've been wishing for the same thing except with my workflow (shop production drawings) what would work best for me is if the viewport could automatically be named with numbers like above with the "View" added to it as an option.
  9. Michelvh

    Vectorworks 2016 is here, ask us anything!

    Can you help me or point me in the right direction for learning? First time trying to use a Filemaker (or any) database with VW 2016 I have FM Pro Advanced 14 I have Enabled ODBC for the file I want to use locally and I have that file open. I was hoping I could just go into Manage Databases in VW and it would show up. It did not. I'm sure you are not surprised at that but I would like to get it to work for this project. I looked around and searched for some solutions but found nothing that helped Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Michelvh

    Vectorworks 2016 is here, ask us anything!

    I just moved from 2012 to 2016 I often send files out for CNC cutting. The CNC folks want DXF or DWG files and in particular Version 2000 When I send anything with a curve instead of sending a smooth arc it breaks it into many segments, some of them open causing errors and manually zooming and fixing each one. Is there some setting that will export arcs instead of segmented lines? Thanks
  11. VW 2012 I created a 1" grid that is 30w x 15h I set the Thick line to 5 when it displays the horizontal is fine but the vertical thick lines are offset I get 2 1/2 , 5 , 5 , 2 1/2 Is there a way to fix this to where I get 5 , 5 , 5 without changing the grid to 20"?
  12. Michelvh

    Dimension Class

    In one of my files all of my dimensions were suddenly in a different class and all new dimensions went into that class as well. It is possible that I changed the name of the default dimension class and that is what caused it. Is there a way to change the default Dim class so that all future Dims go in that class? That would be helpful to me at times. I found the place to turn that feature off and on but not to specify a particular class. Thanks
  13. Michelvh

    3d printing round objects

    Open GL options were set to low When I set them to very high it looked good on the screen but still exported as an icosagon (sorry new word). My designer guy here at work started talking about segments of circles so I got the bright idea to just make a polygon with 100 sides. See attachment for results Kevin Yes I export direct stl from VW 2012. Didn't know there was another option. Seems to work fine for me. So far always at low triangle setting but I haven't had time to experiment. Got my M2 2 weeks ago. I too am exhibit designer. 20 years of hands on interactive at Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa and now Trade Shows, Museums (including MOSI), nature centers and Corporate environments. I'm mostly the production drawing/inventor guy. My science center first rule is 1,000,000 unsupervised 8th graders.
  14. Michelvh

    3d printing round objects

    Basically I am trying to make some round cups and print them on my Makergear M2 3D printer. I draw 2 circles, extrude them, subtract one from the other. My 3d conversion res is set to Very High The round becomes an icosagon (20 sided) inside and out in gl or rendered and that is what sends to the printer for slicing. Actually you can see it in wireframe as well. See attached. That is also how it looks in the Simplify 3D slicer program when it gets imported as an .stl Is there another way to do this that will work? I have 2012 designer. Thanks
  15. Michelvh

    User interface text

    That's what I was afraid of. It's not so much that I can't see it but it is frustrating trying to click in the right spot to change things. Consider this an additional request for that change.


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