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modeling kitchens using VW library

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I do a lot of domestic house extension design, more and more clients want new kitchens and often either go to the suppliers to get a nice swanky 3d visual, or they go on the IKEA website for instance and do it themselves!

I've been exploring the Vectorworks kitchen capabilities today but not got as well as expected and wondered if someone who is an expert at using VW for this Stumbling blocks so far are, a) I could only find one domestic sink in the VW library, and as it can't be converted to a plug-in object I can't customise it, and b) I don't see how to insert it into the worktop. You tube video welcome!


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If kitchen design is a significant part of your workflow then you should consider adding Interiorcad to your Vectorworks: http://old.extragroup.de/index.php?id=48&L=1

To complement Interiorcad there is a comprehensive collection of 3D symbols for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms: http://shop.interiorcad.org/extrablocks-sets.html

Add these to your Vectorworks with Renderworks and you would have a solution that could easily match it with the alternatives.

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Thanks for your replies, I've had a quick look at Interiorcad, the examples are ok but not amazing, but it's the price that surprised me, it's the same as buying Vectorworks! and it needs VW 10 or 11, even the very basic version is expensive.

It's disappointing that this is another area where Vectorworks falls short even after all this time.

Maybe someone out there has found a way to adapt the standard VW kitchen cabinet library items?


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did you check out interior xs - This is the basic version without any support for manufacturing but with all other capabilities of interiorcad. It's available for Vectorworks 2010 & Vectorworks 2011 at 299? (about $430, depending on the exchange rate).

As I speak, my colleagues are working on revamping our website, so there's no international info for xs yet - just contact sven.biermann@extragroup.de for more information.


(Disclaimer: I'm working for extragroup, developers of interiorcad & interior xs)

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I also was disappointed with the lack of flexibility with the Vw Cabinet Object & standard library until I read this post by Peter Cipes:

Hi Bruce. Unfortunately there is no way to insert sinks (or other symbols) into counter tops (a real shortcoming in my opinion). However there are a couple ways to work around the problem. My personal choice is to use the cabinet plug in for the base but uncheck the "draw counter" option. Then use the Create Floor command to turn any polygonal shape(s) into your counter top. That way you can cut holes for the sink(s) and miter the corners as desired... Obviously, if you use this method then you will need to create the backsplash as a separate object as well. Hope that helps...
Cabinets, Sinks, Fridges

Following this workflow I've had relatively good success with the Cabinet PIO with the following caveats:

1. You cannot change the texture mapping on the Cabinet PIO: to help with this I've been creating two duplicate RW textures for the wood cabinets, one of which is rotated 90 degrees. That way I can control whether I want a horizontal or vertical grain just by switching that part to a different number 'Style' class.

2. Cabinet & door handle placement options are limited, and often it's not what you wanted.

3. If you can't get exactly what you want with the Cabinet PIO, get it close enough, switch to 'Top View' and then ungroup it and make all the changes you want. I've found that if you don't switch to 'Top View' before ungrouping the Cabinet PIO, it will become 2d rectangles only, all the 3d info is lost.

Also take a look at these other forum threads regarding this topic (search the forums for 'cabinet'):

Kitchen drawing strategy

full overlay

Show upper cabinets with dash line

Connecting base cabinets

Texture mapping on Cabinetry PIO's



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As kitchen illustrations are only part of what I do when designing a house extension I don't need Interiorcad as I'm not a kitchen specialist or cabinet maker. I'll continue with my exploration of VWA kitchen cabinets to fully assess the capabilities in the hope that with some custom items I can get a suitable symbol library.

At the moment I can't see anyway to insert a sink into the worktop though, so I'll make my own WT and cut a hole in just like the real thing.

I need to have a good sink though and don't see one in the library.

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For the price of interiorCAD XS....I can't imagine why anyone would stick to the Vectorworks libraries. I used the VW cabinets until I purchased interiorCAD....there's no comparison. Given speed, efficiency and flexibility of InteriorCAD XS it would probably pay for itself on the first project.

Just my opinion having used both.

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Vectorworks 2011 has a library file of Kohler sinks (184 in total).

Options for you in 2009 are:

- Model your own.

- Import one from DWG, 3DS or SketchUP and modify it to your needs.

Yes I guess I could import if I have a reference model of the correct type, as it happens I don't so I'll see if any manufacturers could supply.

Modelling could be an optional but not sure how long it would take me to come up with a usable library item!


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