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Work interactively with walls in 3D views

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I would like to be able to interactively draw, move and stretch walls in 3D views. At the moment you can do none of these things. (Not even move them with Connected Walls Mode enabled.)

Also to be able to insert doors and windows into walls in 3D views and modify their size of by interactively stretching them whilst in the 3D view.

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To expand on what Mike said;

Even if you were doing design for spec building, and only using stock sizes; you still have to make an aesthetic judgement about what will be the best size/combination of sizes and their relationship with the rest of the building.

EG will I use a 2400 wide window, or a 3000, or 2X 1200's with 450 between them. etc etc.

For custom design, of course, you might have the freedom to stretch the windows to "any" proportions you want.

In either case, being able to interactively stretch and drag them is a desirable thing for making visual judgements.

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Andrew, I understand what you mean, but I agree with Mike about the major issue...

we can't move and stretch the walls in 3D like we can in 2D. I believe that

1. the walls need to perform better in 3D like they do in 2D

2. we need more control over wall components for 2d presentation and 3D modelling

3. the walls need to be able to lean over (ie. not vertical)

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Another vote for this. In European architecture, we even have to consider such oddities as "proportions and symmetry" and they cannot be evaluated & refined in plan views.

I'd also definitely want to be able to resize windows and window walls visually, both width and height.

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My wish is for an interactive "Morph Module" which when launched will allow the morphing

of all Objects within a 3D Spatial Container without changing the original components.

The resultant transformations could then be saved to a new D-Layer ( similar to DTM procedures ).


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