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  1. Prof Nemtschek has done more for our industry than you care to give him credit for.... 6000 post doesn't entitle you to anything Mate, what have you contributed?...you should apologised or get LOST. I would only wish for my lifetime accomplishments to read like this: http://www.nemetschek.com/en/home/the_company/people/company_founder.html Dude, for someone who pisses and whines incessantly about VW's shortcomings and how bad VW is, why don't you take your own advice and GET LOST?
  2. Guilty as accused. Without workload, how are you going to make profit from even the USD 29? Or are you a not-for-profit organisation, eg. an OS-playgroup? The point, however, is that you can't expect NNA or those users who upgrade VW to pay for the effort to make a three-year old program compatible with the very latest operating system. The last time you contributed funds to the development was three years ago. You could have participated two years ago and a year ago, when there was no recession. The subscribers, so to speak, have contributed annually and can, I would say reasonably, expect those funds to be used for new and improved features. (When do we want those? Now!) It's because ASSHATS like you just bend over and grab your ankles every time NNA decides to ream its customers again that NNA continues to release bloated, bug-infested beta-ware rather than expend even minimal effort toward fixing existing bugs. Enjoy the rape job, 'cuz there's a lot more where that came from.
  3. Given that 2009 does not run without problems under ANY version of Leopard, it is extremely unlikely that it will run without problems in Snow Leopard.
  4. H.264 produces very high quality video, but requires significantly greater processing power to encode than most other formats. As a point of comparison, a 5:30 (mm:ss) walkthrough that took 11:36 (hh:mm) and change to render on my 2.0GHz PowerMac G5 Dual using Sorenson 3 required 22:56 (hh:mm) and change to render using H.264 on the same computer. (No other programs were running on the computer during either render, and the computer was rebooted immediately prior to running each render.) I find Sorenson 3 "good enough" for most of the animations I do. YMMV.
  5. Pretty basic question, but since we're troubleshooting ... I presume you searched for the .lck file on both the server and the local disk? Since you mentioned Terminal, I also presume you searched for the file using something other than Spotlight (which, IMO, is less than useless)? Temporarily save a copy of the problem file under a new name. Connect a laptop to your server via Firewire then reboot the server as a Firewire drive. When the drive mounts on the laptop's desktop, navigate to the problem file(s) and delete it (them), then transfer the temporary copy to the server HD and rename it to the name of the original file. If OX S squawks about not being able to delete the file, hold down Option" and select "Secure Empty Trash" in the Finder window.
  6. And that proves what? I have astronomer friends modelling planetary systems who page out 64GB of RAM on a daily basis.
  7. Um ... according to the OP, he's been requesting it for 15 years ... seems like it should have been addressed by now ...
  8. Really? You need to register to view all online forums? Maybe I'm on a different internet, 'cuz I regularly hit about two dozen different forums, and ain't none of them require me to register to view them: to post or download, yes; but not to view. The only sites I've heard of that require someone to register before viewing the content are pR0n sites. You mean OTHER than the fact that you're "sharing" (selling) user information?
  9. Ok. Again, DEEP BREATH. The data is PROBABLY still there, it's just been decoupled from the file database, so there is a reasonably probability that the file(s) can be recovered. (Alex, if the guys at the alleged mac shop did not recommend a file recover program, they're a bunch of idiots.) Before doing ANYTHING else, go out and buy a boxed copy of Data Rescue II or File Salvage (do NOT download it or you risk overwriting the missing data), and beg, borrow, or steal an external HD to install it on and to copy any recovered files to. In this case, I would recommend Data Rescue II because it comes with an emergency boot CD. Whatever you do, DO NOT install it on the HD that has the corrupt file or you may overwrite part of the missing data. If you are not running from the emergency boot CD, install the program on the external drive, launch it and run a comprehensive deep recover scan. This WILL take several hours, depending on the size of your drive. When it's done, you will be presented with a list of several hundred/thousand files with descriptive names like, "File xxxx", "Picture yyy", "Document zzzz," etc. At which point, you have to go through the list opening up likely candidates until you find the files(s) you're after. (You can skip a lot of files based on file size.) Good luck.
  10. Um ... OS X 10.5 is Leopard. Panther was 10.3. Does VW2008 even run in Panther?
  11. Did you bother to read any of the other posts? Every freaking word of every freaking post, and the argument for eliminating the Attributes palette boils down to, "WE don't use it around here, so nobody else should use it either."
  12. Um ... don't File > Export > Quicktime VR Object and File > Export > Quicktime VR Panorama already do that?
  13. Word! If you don't like the Attributes palette, unselect it in the Windows menu.
  14. Have you contacted Julian and asked him?
  15. Do as VectorGeek suggested and use fast user switching to toggle between single- and dual-display mode as necessary.
  16. Did you quit VW, log out, or reboot in the meantime? If so, could have been due to a memory leak. I always recommend quitting VW and logging out and logging back in to free up any lost memory before doing FRW, Custom, FQRW, and radiosity renders.
  17. Yeah, those DVD-Rs and burners are just SOOOO d4mn expensive.
  18. Order the SDK and read the documentation, because the devil is in the details. Geomeric's claim of "100 fps" is based on a cached, precomputed solution rather than a real-time solution. It also assumes 72 DIP output. The SDK further notes that they are approximating radiosity rather than producing a true radiosity solution. Finally, take a look at the high resolution screenshots on the Geomerics website, remembering that these screenshots are intended to show the capabilities of Enlighten to their best advantage, and ask whether the image quality is acceptable for professional purposes.
  19. In all versions prior to 2008, all rendering modes except OpenGL have been handled by the CPU rather than the GPU, so unless Nemetschek has changed the way rendering is handled in 2008, a more powerful graphics card may be of benefit in terms of screen updating/redraws/refreshes, including the speed at which a render/re-render appears on screen, but for non-OpenGL renders, it will have no effect on rendering times. More RAM will likely allow you to do larger and more complex renders, but it will have negligible effect on rendering times. There are other benefits from maxing out RAM, but improved rendering time is not one of them.
  20. Should have added, What aggravating sales tactics are you talking about? We've been using VW since 8.5, and have never had anything but prompt, courteous, professional service from our account rep. Hell, we typically don't upgrade until the x.5 version comes out, and other than receiving new version announcements by snail- and e-mail, sales doesn't contact us.
  21. Tell you what, wezelboy: why don't you wipe the hard drive on your grandmother's computer, hand her a CD with your Linux distro of choice, and make her install and configure it with no help from you or anybody else, then have her come on and tell us how easy it is to install and configure. Better yet, do it to your boss's secretary's computer and see how "not hard to install and configure" your boss thinks it is.
  22. Google "Vectorworks" and check out the links on the right side of the page. Just be aware that you'll pay MORE from any of those vendors than you would buying directly from Nemetschek, and brace yourself for a flood of sales calls, spam, junk snail mail from any of those outfits.
  23. You forgot the most important key truth: Until Linux is as easy for ordinary users to install, configure, and use as either OS X or Windows, the 98% of computer users who have no interest in having to become computer geeks in order to USE their computers will have no interest in it.
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