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Better Resource Browser



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From some of my discussions with NNA people I think a new Resource Browser is being worked on.

Here's some other relevant wishlist items:

Resource browser interface


Resource Browser


Better support for networked resources


Replace symbol function: needs to remember last choice


Ability to centralise and synchronise resources


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Thought I had posted something along similar lines before, but maybe not:

--Back and Forward buttons like a web browser

--Folders for Resources other than symbols

--Ability to move Resources around within the browser without using the clunky "Move" fly-out menu option (just drag it)

--And while I'm at it: drag a collection of objects to the RB and create a symbol (drag and drop from drawing to RB, not just the other way around)

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Yes, a Resource "Browser" that acts like a browser with Back and Forward buttons.

And can we please provide a button in the Resource Browser to get back to the Top Level with one click.

I have hundreds of symbol folders I have to scroll through to get back to the top level. If you have deeply nested symbol folders, going back up through the hierarchy to get to the top is very cumbersom. It was actually much easier to get back to the top level in VW versions 8 & 9. This was downgraded in version 10 as far as I am concerned.

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