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I have placed key notes on a sheet layer. I place them directly on the sheet because I have had nothing but problems trying to place them in the viewport. The problem is that the key note call out text boxes and leader line lengths keep resizing themselves. If I drag them back to the proper size, they will resize themselves a while later. I can't draw any connections to a drawing command, etc. that I am executing. Any ideas any one? Thanks.

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If I place callouts in the a viewport, but have the notes just on the sheet layer, the notes will randomly expand to a several hundred point text size. I use viewport annotations for all other information but they are a pain in general for keynotes. Another issue - say you have three pages of sections, you want the same keynote legend on every page but if you don't have an instance of every callout on each page, the notes renumber themselves. You have to make sure you copy and paste an instance of every note on to the next sheet layer, even if you don't need them, or the notes will renumber themselves, making different numbers for the same note from sheet to sheet. If you have four section viewports on each sheet, with each one using some of the same notes and some different notes, you have to go in and out of viewports constantly to annotate callouts. Then you have to copy an example of all of the callouts and paste them on the next sheet before you copy and paste the notes on the sheet to ensure they don't renumber themselves. THEN, if you have a viewport of a different scale that uses the same notes, you can't copy into that viewport without reformating and resizing all of the text and leader lines. Since I don't feel like wasting half my day going in and out of viewports picking every callout out of the database for every instance I place, I find it makes much more sense to place the callouts directly on the sheet. That way I can develop my notes database, then quickly option drag callouts over every drawing, reguardless of scale, and not have to waste time going in and out of viewports, which is not a very fast process compared to something like archicad. For some reason, the callouts are resizing their shoulder length and textbox length. This really sucks as the text boxes then cover parts of other drawings, whiting them out, and I have to always drag them all back before I print a drawing. Thanks for the help, I hope we can figure this out, Matt

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Robert, I have experienced the same erratic behavior with the keynotes on several computers (new & older macs, and PCs) using v12.0.0 and 12.0.1. I would also prefer to place keynotes outside viewports so I can copy and move them around quickly. When they are outside the viewport however, the leaders would change size as msclark described. I posted this problem on the forum and it was suggested that I place the keynotes inside the viewports.

Placing them inside solved the leader resizing problem but the keynotes are still so unstable that in many cases I have quit using them. As msclark described, the legend text size dramatically increases in size at random times. It will go back to normal if you simply double click on the legend to enter the preferences, then click okay to exit.

The main reason I have had to quit using keynotes is that after I begin placing them, the computer starts bogging down. It will pause and the curser will flicker for 10-60 seconds when I am trying to do something simple like move a 2D object. This has occurred in several files on several computers so I know it is not a corrupt file or the result of a slow computer.

Please keep us posted on what you find out. Thank you.

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I am having the exact same issues with keynotes placed in viewports. (I'm using VW 12.0.1 on a Powermac G5 1.8ghz DP w/ 1.5GB RAM, OSX 10.4.6). Prior to placing keynotes I suffered no UI lag. After placing keynotes - it lags 5-15+ seconds after panning, zooming, selecting, anything, etc.

After saving the file and quitting VW, it took over a minute for VW to shut down. I thought I was going to have to force-quit, but it finally quit on its own.

The keynotes in the sheet layer are also increasing their text size to 100+ points as described above. Selecting and editing the keynote text corrects the font size issue.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to go to Vectorworks Preferences, Display tab, turn on Adjust Flipped Text. Should solve your problem.

Re the Keynote issues outlined above: it's interesting that while I use Keynotes almost daily, I've not experienced the same problems. I always place the callouts w/leaders inside the Viewport and leave the legend outside, as it defaults.

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Yes you can turn on the Adjust Flipped Text option, BUT YOUR CALLOUTS WILL STILL BE BACKWARDS if you export the file as a DWG. I have experienced this problem annotating files for consultants & them complaining that all the text is reversed. Have not found a solution.

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I have the same issue except its when placing the keynote legend on the sheet layer while notes themselves reside in annotations in the viewport. Text size goes wacky. Change any parameter of the text in the dialog box (like retyping say the font size, and it corrects itself. Really irritating.

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When I used the keynote feature, for every keynote I used in a viewport I also place one instance on the sheet layer outside of the printing border. When I want to use the same keynotes on the next sheet I copy/paste the keynote objects on to the next sheet.

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UPDATE: I got a reply email from NNA following up on these keynote problems and they said that they "have isolated the slowdown problem and this will be fixed in a future update." I for one am very happy to hear that.

But I'm having trouble reproducing the keynote text size increase problem on the keynotes (using the same files that had this behaviour in the past).

Can anyone else remember how they got the keynote text size increase problem to happen? I'm not having any luck.

Thanks in advance.


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Any word on work arounds or solutions to this problem?

I got a project file (on a major deadline, of course!) with lots and lots of keynotes. I can deal with the scale issue on the legend, but the slow downs are killing me.

In viewport "annotations" simple actions like panning or moving an object will hang VWA for several minutes at a time. Not consistent though. It would take many hours to convert all of the keynotes to conventional callouts so I keep limping along, but at this point I'm working around the clock and still don't think I'll make my deadline.

Another symptom: cursor (usually) flickers while stalled.

Help! Cheers, mmm

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