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  1. I generally use the framing member tool, with the "beam" setting for non-sloped beams and the column tool for posts. With these two tools you get the hybrid 2D/3D and the ease of adjustment throught the obj info window. If you need to have rectangular columns (non-square) you could make simple extrudes.
  2. If anything they should email all license holders and let them know of the issue. We just experienced a total file loss due to this bug, if we had know we could have informed everyone not to minimize, etc.
  3. That doesn't seem to work for the sidelight or the transom. It does work for the int./ext. panels though. Am I doing something else wrong?
  4. I am actually not having trouble with line thickness, what I want to do is have the component wrap around as part of the wall cap.
  5. Is there any way to give a wall cap a thickness to match the components in the wall? I'm working on some pilaster type walls that extend out from the building with a plaster finish wrapping around them. It would be nice to see the line of the plaster wrap around in plan view.
  6. Any update on the fix for this bug? It would be nice to at least set the transom glazing to clear.
  7. We are developing a CAD standard at our firm and would like to set up our office template such that when a project is started and one runs the 'create standard viewports' command the classes would be created with our preferred colors, weights, fills, etc. It seems that Vectorworks pulls this information from the .sta (standards) files such as the AIA layer list. Is there a way to make a custom version that can be referenced for our own preferences? Or is there another way to make this possible?
  8. I've noticed the keynote misbehavior is more serious when working over a network than on one's own computer. Still experiencing problems but the beach ball doesn't spin quite so lone...
  9. I have submitted a file to bugsubmit. I will post any information I receive.
  10. I am experiencing the same problems with keynotes. Very frustrating. Has someone submitted a bug report and sample file? If not I can.
  11. Maybe a more general look at the NCS ids is in order as the note symbol key is also not consistant.
  12. Our office tries to follow the National Cad Standard (NCS) for our production work. Unfortunately, several of the notation tools do not offer the NCS recommended symbols. For example the window type indicator is a diamond in the NCS but the Vkwks ID tool does not allow for it. Also, the NCS keynote indicator is a regular hexagon, but the Vkwks keynote tool does not allow for it.
  13. ron

    Door Glazing

    The "special classes" settings are actually located under SETTINGS on the VIEW tab, not the PARTS tab as noted above.
  14. ron

    Door Glazing

    How do I get door glazing to be clear? I don't see an obvious class to change in the door settings.
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