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  1. Thanks for your reply. I tried pulling the intersecting wall back so the exterior and interior wall centers align (though that is not how we'd like to show the framing). I get the same message as before. There is a point several inches from the corner where the tool seems to break down. Before the corner, the join works well. That error message is one of two. The first attempt gets me the error message "Object info Palette updating aborted due to user action". When I try again, I get the "y-join" error message. If we cannot show the framing correctly, the tool is useless to us.
  2. We have put off using the wall cavity tool because of joining issues. It seems each new version upgrades the tool but there are still conditions in which the wall cavities will not join. The picture below is an example of a t-join in which the walls will join, but not the cavities. There is an error message stating that "the components of y-joined walls cannot be joined". Why not? VW is 2010 SP4 Thanks, Ariana
  3. Hello, We have several computers in the office and we just upgraded all to VW 2008. One of the computers is printing lines thicker than the others. Same file, same printer and as far as I can tell, the same settings. I looked through the print dialog box and VW preferences and everything appears to be set the same. Quartz imaging is off on all computers and we did not have this problem prior to VW 2008. What else would affect the thickness of the lines in a print? The computers printing correctly are G4s and the computer printing thicker lines is a Mac with an Intel core 2 duo processor. Thanks Ariana
  4. Hello, We have several computers in the office and we just upgraded all to VW 2008. One of the computers is printing lines thicker than the others. Same file, same printer and as far as I can tell, the same settings. I looked through the print dialog box and VW preferences and everything appears to be set the same. Quartz imaging is off on all computers and we did not have this problem prior to VW 2008. What else would affect the thickness of the lines in a print? The computers printing correctly are G4s and the computer printing thicker lines is a Mac with an Intel core 2 duo processor. Thanks Ariana
  5. The architect is using ACAD version 2007 and we were unable to import these files. I believe what he sent us next were 2006 files. I don't believe there was any circular xrefs though I'm not entirely sure of the meaning. When I changed the names of the xrefs and tried to import, it only came up with one error (one unknown xref). To batch import, do I just select more than one file to import? Thank you
  6. I'm having a problem importing a DWG file that has an xref. When I try to import the file (using default settings), VW freezes and I have to force quit. I then changed the name of the xref and tried importing again. VW comes up with an error, saying it cannot find the xref, then it imports the rest of the info. I can import the 2 files separately without problems. I am using a newer PC with a duel processor and plenty of memory, and the latest VW version. Thank you Ariana
  7. I had a similar problem with a new IMAC. The handles would disappear and stay that way until I restarted VW. It was only with one file though. And that same file went corrupt the next day!
  8. The old 'cut 2D section' tool is still in VW12. I found it in the 'Architect Classic' workspace under the 'model' menu. Or you could use the workspace editor to add the tool to the current workspace. About converting viewports to lines. Sheet layers are 1:1 so if you convert the vp to lines and paste it into a design layer, just scale the group appropiately. If the vp was at 1/4"=1", scale the group of lines 1/48 in the design layer.
  9. I have been working with a complicated 3D staircase I have been noticing that the selection handles show up inconsistantly. I double click on a polygon to edit the size and the handles are not there. I can still select the points and move them, there are just no selection boxes. Sometimes if I zoom in or out they will reappear. Sometimes they are always visable. Is there some display setting I can change? I just upgraded to 12.5 on an IMAC. I have '8 selection handles' turned on. Thanks, Ariana
  10. I noticed a similar problem. I have a file I started in 12.1 in which the door/window tool editing tools don't work. No trim or muntins show up when selected. With new 12.5 files, the tool works fine. I just made the doors I needed in a new blank file and pasted them into the old.
  11. I just lost an entire file! I have it set to autosave every 8 minutes. I was adding some windows when it tried to autosave and a window came up saying 'I/O error, cannot save to disk'. I tried saving it everywhere under different names but I got the same message. Finally I quit the file, unsaved. Now I can't open it, all of the files I saved, including the original one are only 124k. It's gone!! Just upgraded to 12.5 on an IMAC.
  12. I have not been able to get door & window symbols to work with schedules. I place a door symbol in my drawing and use the ID label tool. In the ID label tool, I select 'door object' from the ID Type menu and give it a number. The door symbol is now a 'door' according to the object info palette. In settings, there is a box checked, 'use symbol geometry', and the door still looks like the original symbol. Here is when I encounter a problem. All of the door's information is set to whatever the door tool's defaults are. Even though it looks like the symbol, the door's size and all other attributes refer to default and are incorrect. These are the attributes listed on the door schedule so I get a schedule with the same default door #s listed over and over. For example, I place a 2'x6'8" door symbol and use the id label tool to add it to the schedule. In the 'settings' dialog box, it is using the symbol geometry but right above that, it states the door size as 3'x7', my door tool default. This is the size listed on the schedule! If I place the door symbol as a plug-in object, I have absolutely no problems but the door is no longer referenced to the symbol. This occurs on Macs and PCs, v12.0.2 and v12.5. Please help, I've tried everything I can think of.
  13. Katie, can I email the file to you? Is there a size constrant? I have noticed that when I rotate some objects, they don't reflect the light. This has nothing to do with the way they are oriented with respect to the light source. If, for example, I rotate one of the pillows on it's vertical axis and re-render, it looks almost black, while the other pillow looks normal. It's orientation didn't change but it no longer reflected the light. If you notice in the FQRW pict, the pillows and the bed frame are reflecting the light from above and are shaded on the left and lower edges as they should be. The covers however, look as though they are lite from the lower left, and are shaded on the top. There are absolutely no other light sources. Thanks for your help Ariana
  14. I made this bed using the Loft Surface tool. The pillows and covers are made the same way, with the same textures. This picture was rendered with OpenGL and the lighting looks correct: This picture is the same file rendered with Final Quality Renderworks: Can anyone tell me why the lighting is not correct with Renderworks? It seems like a bug. I have encountered it with other objects, not just loft surfaces. I would mirror and extruded rectangle with fillet edges and the original would look right while the mirrored one would be dark. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Robert, I have experienced the same erratic behavior with the keynotes on several computers (new & older macs, and PCs) using v12.0.0 and 12.0.1. I would also prefer to place keynotes outside viewports so I can copy and move them around quickly. When they are outside the viewport however, the leaders would change size as msclark described. I posted this problem on the forum and it was suggested that I place the keynotes inside the viewports. Placing them inside solved the leader resizing problem but the keynotes are still so unstable that in many cases I have quit using them. As msclark described, the legend text size dramatically increases in size at random times. It will go back to normal if you simply double click on the legend to enter the preferences, then click okay to exit. The main reason I have had to quit using keynotes is that after I begin placing them, the computer starts bogging down. It will pause and the curser will flicker for 10-60 seconds when I am trying to do something simple like move a 2D object. This has occurred in several files on several computers so I know it is not a corrupt file or the result of a slow computer. Please keep us posted on what you find out. Thank you.
  16. Yes Robert, the Mac I am having the problem with is a new intel Imac. The linear material tool works perfectly on the older Mac.
  17. I am getting a similar problem. I work off of several different computers (mac and pc), all are running 12.0.1. On one computer, the linear material tool works perfectly. On 2 others, all I see is what looks like a polyline (zero thickness) regardless of what I enter as the thickness. Could there be something wrong with the scale? This also occurs when I edit and existing linear material.
  18. I cut and pasted the keynotes from the sheet layer into the annotations of each viewport. The text size of the legend still blows up sometimes but this may be because I originally created the keynotes on the sheet layer. It did however solve my biggest problem of the leader lengths changing which was a huge relief. So thanks everyone for your help.
  19. I am experiencing several problems with the keynote feature in 12.0.1. I am placing the keynotes outside the viewports because it saves time (I have 4-8 viewports on one sheet). -The computer freezes for about a minute as I move the keynotes around, then recovers. This happens roughly every 5 minutes. -When I edit the annotation layer and then exit, the keynote legend text size gets huge. I have to double click on it to edit, then hit the 'okay' and the size returns to normal. -After I do this however, the shoulder lengths of the every keynote get longer by 1/2". I have to adjust the length of the lines on every arrow. This takes so much time that I just leave the keynotes as is until I am ready to print because it is likely to happen again soon after I adjust them. I have experienced these problems on a mac and a pc, both of which are fairly powerful. The problems were identical on both machines. Because of all these problems, I gave up using the keynotes. I just use a textblock for the notes and the callout tool with a number instead of text. I would like to be able to use this feature though. Please respond if you have any ideas.
  20. Sorry, I am using v12.0.1 I have been going through the tutorials, and books for v12 and I believe I isolated the problem: When I check the 'use symbol geometry' box in the window preferences dialog box, many attributes such as the size and type are grayed out. The information that is grayed out is what ends up on the schedule, not the data from the symbol that is selected. In order to correct this, I have to uncheck the 'use symbol geometry' box, correct the information, then recheck the box. This defeats the purpose of having window symbols. Please understand that visually, the window looks like the symbol. It is the data reflected on the worksheet that is incorrect. Thank you for your time Ariana
  21. Is there a way to show the wall style in a section viewport? I have tried setting the attributes to "use attributes of original object" in the advanced section properties of the section viewport. And I unchecked the "hide wall components ..." in the document preferences. Thanks Ariana
  22. Is the id label tool supposed to have a preferences dialog box? When I click on the id tool, there is preferences button similar to what other tools have on the top left. When I click on it, however, the dialog box is blank. So when I label doors & windows, I have to change all the preferences for each object. I would go a lot quicker if I could adjust the preferences first, as with other tools, then label. I have tried this on a couple of computers. Is it a bug? Or just how the tool works? Thanks in advance Ariana
  23. I'm having a lot of difficulty with the id labels. When I label a window, the size noted on the schedule is incorrect. Originally all my windows were symbols, when I labeled them, they converted to windows that use the old symbol geometry. This is fine. The problem is that the 'overall height' & 'overall width' are changed to non related sizes and they are greyed out so I can't correct them. The window is 4'6" x 4'0" visually but the schedule says it is 2'6" x 4'0". I checked the symbol the windows are referencing and all of its information is still correct. I want to use this tool but it is causing too much trouble!
  24. I didn't get the message when I was printing, I got it when I was trying to render the viewports one by one. The file was huge, 30MB. I copied everything from the large file into a new one and it was only 1.2 MB and everyting rendered fine. Not sure what was wrong with the original file. Thank You!
  25. I have 5 viewports set to final quality renderworks on a sheet layer set to 300 dpi. When I try to render more than 3 of the viewports, I get a message saying to either reduce the sheet layer dpi or the number of viewports. My computer is very fast and has 2 gigs of memory. It would seem that it would be able to handle this. Is there a way around this?? Thank you
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